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car registration in France for foreigners

Our efficient online vehicule registration services in France are also available in English ! Ownership transfer, address change, registration of a new car, new copy of a lost or stolen carte grise… We will help you with almost any request. Contact us now:

  • Phone : +33 1 84 80 28 27 (free toll number)
  • Email : contact@eplaque.fr
  • Fax : 09 72 12 16 91

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Why Eplaque for you car registration in France?

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Eplaque : habilitations n°18621 du Ministère de l’Intérieur et n°26579 du Trésor Public.

Eplaque is a French company specialized in online car registration since 2009. Our services based near Paris are approved and authorized by the Ministry of the Interior. We help daily people to get quickly their vehicle registration certificate, including foreigners.

Since 2017, vehicle registration is an online process in France. Requests are processed by the ANTS. The switch wreaked quite some havoc back then. Things have improved since, but they are still far from perfect. That’s why many people, even native, prefer to deal with an authorized private service provider to avoid any hassle.

Whether you brought you own car from the UK, Spain, Switzerland or Germany; whether you want to register a new or second hand car, motorbike… We can assist you in English. Our kind and fluent staff is available to answer your queries and guide you through the process. Don’t be lost in translation, get some help from one of the leader of the market to register your car in France.

How does vehicule registration work in France ?

Since 2009, the licence plate number of a car is assigned for life. Even in case of ownership change, the licence plate always stay with the vehicle. If you buy a second hand car in France, you have to fill in a « déclaration de cession ». Information about the seller, the buyer and the vehicle is part of this official form (Cerfa 15776). You will need this document, among others, to officialize the ownership change.

After you buy a used car, you have 30 days to notify the ownership transfer to you (changement de titulaire). You can drive temporarily with the crossed out carte grise. Once you register the ownership change to your name, you will get a temporary vehicle registration certificate (CPI) valid for 30 days. You will get your final carte grise by registered mail around one week following the approval of your request.

If you change anything meaningful about the car (fuel used, number of seats, etc.), the carte grise must be updated. If you move, you have also to update the vehicle registration certificate address thanks to a specific procedure.

How do I get my licence plates ?

You don’t get plates during the registration process. You have to have then made by a company. To do so, you simply have to show (or provide a copy of) the carte grise. We sell French licence plate online. You can therefore order them together with your car registration.

When you order a plate, you must choose a department. It will influence how the plate looks like since the right part displays regional designs. The number of the chosen department will appear + the logo of the region in which the department is. For example, if you choose the Var (83), your licence plate will display the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur logo. It is some kind of vanity feature of the French plate, it has no bearing on where the owner actually lives.

Une question ? Nous vous répondrons dans les meilleurs délais.

  • David Gadney dit

    Bonjour, I have a vehicle in france that has been here before 2021, I am having all kinds of problems registering it, and need some help. Please can you help

    • Eplaque dit

      Maybe, but blog comments are meant to answer general questions. For assistance in your matter, please call or email us.

  • Murray King dit

    Hello, I bought a 1930’s vehicle de collection in France and want to transfer the carte grise (Collection) to my name In France. The car already has French licence plates and Control Technique to 2023. I’m British with a vacation property in France. I have the crossed out carte grise and sales contract. My question: do I need a new Contrôle Technique?

    • Eplaque dit

      We invite you to call directly our customer service on 01 84 80 28 27

  • Helena dit

    Bonjour, I am US citizen, planing to stay for a long term in France. How/if I can buy and register the car in France. I have US driver license.

    • Eplaque dit

      We invite you to call directly our customer service on 01 84 80 28 27

  • HOLLAND Barbara dit

    Bonjour. My UK car is being brought to France, by hauliers, in July. I have all the documents here already, including a CoC (the V5C also quotes the reference number. What would your fees be to register the car for me, & what would that include please? Regards, Barbara

    • Eplaque dit

      Price starts at EUR 50. For that fee we will make sure your file is complete, and submit it. Moderation team does not deal directly with files, for more info contact us via email or phone.

  • Bruce Cavanagh dit

    Bonjour, J'ai besoin des plaques, pouvez-vous m'aider? J'ai déjà ma carte grise, maintenant j'ai des plaques anglais alors j'ai besoin juste des plaques francaise. Combien cela coûte-t-il et combien de temps faudra-t-il pour arriver? Et après, puis-je changer les plaques moi-même? Merci beaucoup,

    • Eplaque dit

      Merci de contacter directement le service client pour cela : Téléphone : 01 84 80 28 27 (service gratuit) Email : contact@eplaque.fr

  • margaret dit

    My car has been in the process of being changed from English to french it has been in the system along with a change of driving licence since Dec 2020 I reapplied in March and still nothing but excuses after excuse nothing to do with the paper work can your firm help me please I am seventy five soon and at my wits end

    • Eplaque dit

      We are sorry to hear that. Unfortunately if your request has already been filed with the ANTS, we can't assist.

  • Julia dit

    My wife has just bought a vehicle but is having trouble with the carte grise. She's been told she needs a French license otherwise the company she requested to help her said they can't help. Can you help change the carte grise?

    • Eplaque dit

      That's not true, a foreign driving license should be accepted.

  • Robin Colton dit

    I have a uk car that needs French number plates? I need this urgently to obtain French INsurance

    • Eplaque dit

      Hello, If you have all the paperwork we can take care of it, contact us. Regards, Eplaque

  • Aleksandr dit

    Dear, I am planning to buy a car in Germany and bring it to France. If car that I buy in Germany don’t have any taxes, is it mean I need to pay taxes in France? And another question, if I am living in apartment that rented out for my by my company, is it considered as my legal place of living in France, so I can register the car? In advance thank you for your reply.

    • Eplaque dit

      Hello, It depends. If the car is new, you will have to pay VAT (20%) in France. If the car is used (more than 6 months AND more than 6,000 km), no taxes are due. You have to provide an address in France, together with a proof of address (utility bill, mobile phone bill, etc.). This proof must be at your name, not your company. Best regards, La modération Eplaque

  • Johan dit

    Dear Sirs, I am planning to buy a second hand car in France. The car owner lives just outside Paris and the car has French number plates. My plan is to buy the car and drive it home to Sweden. I think I need temporary plates (similar to the plates they have in Germany yellow temporary plates including insurance valid for 5 days driving in Europe) issued in France for the journey. How do I get these plates? And what is the cost and time to get them? Best regards, Johan

    • Eplaque dit

      Hello, In France we don't have temporary plates, except when the car is new (WW plates). For a second hand car you keep the French plates. You just have to be careful if you drive, some countries won't accept as a valid title the "carte grise barrée" (crossed registration certificate). We heard recently about the case of a person who tried to go back to the Balkans with a French used car. He was stopped by Austrian customs and forced to register the car locally... The safest way is to transport it on a truck. Best regards, La modération Eplaque

  • Christopher Ludlow 0780519283 dit

    Own 1996 Land Rover Discovery French Reg No ,007 Does the reg no have a value ?

    • Eplaque dit

      Bonjour, Do you mean it has a license plate 007? We doubt it's the case, but old license plates bear no value as they are converted to the new numbering systelm when any change occurs (ownership, address, etc). Cordialement, La modération Eplaque

  • Robin Colton dit

    Bonjour I have recently moved to France to retire and I own 1 motorcycle and two cars but all on UK plates. I wish to trasfer then to French plates as without French PLates I cant re-insure them.

    • Eplaque dit

      Hello, Because of Brexit you will have to get first a 846 form from the customs. You will also have to get an RTI (conformity certificate) from the DREAL or DRIRE. For more info, contact us: 01 84 80 28 27 contact@eplaque.fr Cordialement, La modération Eplaque

  • Valerie Avella dit

    Bonjour - I am an American living in Belgium but plan to retire soon and travel in Europe without residency. Can I register my vehicle purchased in Belgium with your company in France? Are there import or VAT fees associated with moving my car registration to France?

    • Eplaque dit

      Hello, No, you must have a legal address in France to get a French car registration. Best regards, La modération Eplaque

  • Jo dit

    Hi,we purchased a French registered car from a UK garage.We have been unable to obtain a carte guise because the previous owner did not complete the paperwork properly.ANTS want a copy of her passport to finalise the transfer to us but she won’t provide it and refuses to cooperate. What can we do?

    • Eplaque dit

      Hi, We suggest you return the car to the UK garage. It is a common issue in France: people buy a car, don't change the title ownership (mainly to avoid paying traffic tickets), then sell it. The buyer then cannot do the paperwork since it's illegal to sell a car without an updated car registration document. There are 2 solutions, either the seller takes back the car and repay the buyer, either he requests the registration ownership change and provide the updated carte grise to the buyer. Cordialement, La modération Eplaque

  • Maggie Davis dit

    We have a Mazda 3 automatic car, registered in 2007. Old but reliable. We arrived about 5 weeks ago. Roughly how much would it cost to import this and get the right documents. Wondering if it is worth it as the car has little monetary value. I look forward to hearing from you shortly. Warm regards Maggie

    • Eplaque dit

      Hello, The main cost will be derived from the individual conformity tests that you will have to perform in order to register the car in France. It's quite a hassle, even for French speaking locals, so you might want to avoid it as it is also pricey (a few hundreds). It sounds much easier to sell your car in the UK and buy another one in France. Best regards, Eplaque

  • Eplaque dit

    Hello, Yes we can. You'll have to get a "quitus fiscal" from the local tax office (document that proves that the VAT status of the car is all right) and present the documents of the car. Contact us if you need assistance. Best regards, Eplaque

  • Gary Ryan dit

    Hello, what is the cost of registering my vehicle with French plates?

    • Eplaque dit

      Hello, It depends on many parameters. This simulator will help: https://www.eplaque.fr/carte-grise/prix-carte-grise.html Best regards, Eplaque

  • Gary Ryan dit

    Hello, I have a certificate of conformity for my UK left hand drive citroen xsara picasso 1.6hdi. I need to get the number plates changed to France, can you help and what is the cost please?

    • Eplaque dit

      Hello, Yes, we can take care of the registration of any imported vehicle. Please bear in mind that you will have to get an 846A from the customs (import duties + VAT should be waived if you relocate to France with your own car) + "réception à titre isolé" (some kind of conformity check) from the DREAL or DRIRE since your car is a left hand drive. For more info you can call us or send an email. Best regards, Eplaque

  • Joy Harvey dit

    Are you able to help, get a certificate of conformity,, please.. If so what is the cost.. Many thanks. Joy Harvey

    • Eplaque dit

      Unfortunately, we do not provide COCs, but you can request one from the manufacturer of your vehicle or its representative in France.

  • Eldar dit

    Hello, I am currently a resident of Russia. I am going to move to France. I have a long term work visa. I'd like to import my car from Russia. The car is Kia Ceed which is made in Russia in 2019. The car has the only Russian Certificate. I don't have The European Certificate of Conformity. Is it possible to register my car? What should be my steps to manage it? Please let me know can I find a particular company in France to help me with this task? Best regards, Eldar

    • Eplaque dit

      Hello, If no COC is available for your KIA, the vehicle will have to go through a process called "réception à titre isolé", which is basically an individual certification. It is done at the DRIEE in Paris area, or DREAL in other regions. Here are some info in English: http://www.driee.ile-de-france.developpement-durable.gouv.fr/who-are-we-a3183.html About private companies taking care of the process, they do exist. But we cannot recommend one in particular. Please note that the process is quite costly. It is probably more economical to sell your car in Russia and buy another one in France. Best regards, L’équipe Eplaque

  • Steven Hall dit

    I have brought my UK car with me and have a provisional carte grise. Will ANTS automatically update this to the actual carte grise and provide the life long number to replace the WW, or do I have further paperwork to complete?

    • Eplaque dit

      Hello, You have indeed to request specifically your permanent car registration (imported vehicle), requesting a WW does not lead automatically to a permanent request filing. Cordialement, L’équipe Eplaque

  • Rachel dit

    We have just completed the form but struggling to find out how to upload it. Can we send by post and if so where do we send it to?

    • Eplaque dit

      Hello Rachel, Please contact our customer service to get a better support Phone : +33 1 84 80 28 27 (free toll number) Email : contact@eplaque.fr With best regards, The Eplaque team

  • Robert CLARK dit

    Merci pour le retour. Mais ma voiture est assez ancienne (l’année 1990) et je n’ai pas de CoC (et j’imagine que c’est impossible d’en obtenir un), je ne possède que la CG EU, le CT et le QF. C’est un problème ou pas pour un véhicule de cet âge?

    • Eplaque dit

      Bonjour, Dans ce cas il y a une autre option : immatriculer le véhicule en carte grise de collection. Pour ce faire vous demandez une attestation de datation et de caractéristiques à la FFVE. Ce document pourra ensuite se substituer au certificat de conformité. Vous pouvez bien entendu contacter Renault pour tenter d'obtenir le COC. Cordialement, L’équipe Eplaque

  • James Larkin dit

    hi there i have a renault that i want to register in france how much will you charge for a letter of conformity please

    • Eplaque dit

      Hello, Unfortunately we don't provide COCs, we can only accept such document to process your car registration request. You have to request it to Renault. Best regards, Eplaque

  • Robert CLARK dit

    Bonjour, J’ai besoin d’une carte grise pour une voiture avec des plaques d’immatriculation espagnoles. La voiture est de 1990. J’ai une « carte grise » espagnole, un quitus fiscal et un nouveau CT français. Désolé, je suis anglais et mon français n’est pas parfait. Bien cordialement, Robert Clark Portable 07 68 69 25 62

    • Eplaque dit

      Bonjour Robert, Vous trouverez dans l’article suivant la procédure pour demander une carte grise française : https://www.eplaque.fr/carte-grise/immatriculation-d-un-vehicule-etranger-avec-ww.html. Si vous le souhaitez, vous pouvez nous confier l’établissement de votre carte grise WW qui permet de circuler en attendant la carte grise définitive. Cordialement, L’équipe Eplaque

  • Helen Hargreaves dit

    Hello we bought our car in france in DECEMBER last year and it is up for registration again for December 2020\21 we have paid the insurance for 2020\21 this week.Can you re register for us? Regards Helen

    • Eplaque dit

      Hello, Your situation is unclear (car registrations don't have to be renewed), but yes, we can probably help. Please contact our agents to elaborate and get an immediate answer: Pphone : 01 84 80 28 27 (toll free) Email : contact@eplaque.fr Best regards, Eplaque support

  • ken sparkes dit

    I have a Spanish registered vehicle that I have imported to France and want to register here. I have the CT and Insurance here

    • Eplaque dit

      Hello, We do have English speaking agents able to take care of your car registration. You can contact us: Phone : 01 84 80 28 27 (free toll number) Email : contact@eplaque.fr Best regards, Eplaque