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  1. Vehicle ownership transfer online: how to proceed in France?

Vehicle ownership transfer online: how to proceed in France?

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vehicle ownership transfer online in France

In France, license plates are assigned to a vehicle, and not to a person. When a vehicle ownership changes, it must be registered within 30 days following the transfer. This is applicable in case of a sale of a used vehicle, a donation or an inheritance. Eplaque is authorized to process online vehicle ownership transfer requests in France. Get support in English from the car registration specialist since 2009. Fast processing, and support in Shakespeare’s language guaranteed! And we can also make your license plates!

For vehicles still registered in the old registration system (FNI, which is evrything but the SIV « AA-001-AA » French plate format), the change of ownership of a vehicle requires the assignment of a new registration number. However, the process is absolutely identical.

Vehicle ownership transfer online in France: how to change ownership of a car in France?

Eplaque is one of the authorized service providers approved by the Ministry of the Interior to carry out, on behalf of new owners, the procedure for changing the name of the registration certificate holder. With this simplified online procedure, we support you step by step by advising you every document you must submit so that your file is complete at the first shot. When all the papers are in our possession, we take care of submitting your French vehicle ownership transfer request. You don’t need to deal with the ANTS (French only). Once processed, the carte grise will be printed by the Imprimerie Nationale and sent by registered mail to the address of the holder. This takes a few days.

Change vehicle ownership online with the ANTS

You can change the owner of the car certificate yourself through the paperless procedures of the ANTS. Please note that in order to put the registration document in your name with them, you must have the transfer code (code de cession) in your possession. This implies that the previous owner communicated it to you, and that he communicated via this entity the ownership transfer (déclaration de cession). In all cases, you can entrust us with your vehicle ownership transfer in France. We will verify that you are the legitimate purchaser by asking you to provide us with specific documents, such as a copy of the transfer certificate, as well as a proof of identity.

Documents for a transfer of motor vehicle ownership in France

Here are the papers required for a change of vehicle ownership on the “gray card” (carte grise) following the purchase of a used vehicle, or a donation:

  • A completed Cerfa 13750*07
  • Filled Cerfa 15776*02 form (document signed by the seller and you, « déclaration de cession »)
  • The original carte grise crossed out, dated and signed by the previous owner
  • Driving license (French or foreign) as a proof of identity (because you must anyway provide a copy of your driving license)
  • Proof of address in France
  • Proof of insurance
  • For vehicles subjected to French MOT, proof of less than 6 months (or 2 months if of a follow-up visit has been requested due to faults)
  • If you bought the car to a dealer, garage, etc. : “déclaration d’achat” (purchase declaration)

Please note that if your driving license is not in French, you must provide a copy of the international driving permit (required to drive in France anyway) or a certified translation.

Confidential code, transfer code and car ownership transfer

If you have sold your car and you wish to declare the ownership transfer, which is mandatory to allow the purchaser of your vehicle to submit his own ownership transfer request, you will have to provide your confidential code. This code was in the envelope that contained your registration certificate. If you lost it, you can request a new confidential code through the ANTS.

To avoid these difficulties, you can also register the déclaration de cession via an authorized service provider such as Plaque. Once the transfer is registered with the ANTS, the system will provide you with a transfer code (code de cession) that you will have to provide the buyer with. This code will be essential for him to reflect the new owner of the registration certificate. However, there is a way to make the change of owner procedure without a transfer code. Namely, making the change of holder through an agent such as Eplaque.

Buying a car in France: what to know as a foreigner, pitfalls

The above concerns the purchase of a vehicle which already has French plates. For foreign cars, please check our page about registering an imported car (with EU car license plates or not).

When someone is selling you a car in France, make sure of the following:

  • Get from the seller an MOT (contrôle technique) of less than 6 months. This is mandatory by law, in order to minimize the risk of buying a car with serious problems. To submit a vehicle ownership transfer online in France, you must satisfy this condition. If not, you’ll have to pass a new MOT yourself
  • Check that the seller’s name on the transfer certificate (certificat de cession) matches with the name on the car registration certificate (unless you buy the car to a garage, see below). The problem is the following: some people don’t register the transfer when they buy a used car, they keep driving with the car registration certificate handed over to them by the seller, without paying due taxes (and avoiding tickets, that are sent to the previous owner). Then they might sell the car « as is » to an uninformed buyer. Once the mismatch is identified, it is impossible to proceed with the transfer because it is all illegal. The seller has to provide to the buyer a new car registration certificate at his name or take back his car. This situation leads to many problems that must be avoided at all costs
  • Request the “administrative situation certificate” (less than 2 weeks). This document states any encumbrance, financial or legal, related to the vehicle. For example, whether there is an ongoing loan, unpaid tickets, if the vehicle is stolen, salvage status, etc. This certificate must be clear, otherwise you won’t be able to proceed with the ownership transfer request
  • If you buy a car to a French dealer, it is normal that the “carte grise” holder is another person or legal entity. When a garage buys a used car, it doesn’t have to issue a new car registration certificate. Instead, he must declare the purchase through a special procedure. If you buy a car to a professional, you must get this document (declaration d’achat) in order to register the vehicle in France

Vehicle ownership transfer in France FAQ

ANTS requests from me to authenticate with France Connect: what is it?

France Connect is some kind of unified login. It is a bit similar to using your Facebook account to login to many other websites and services. The difference being that France Connect is an official service. Once you own an account with the few digital identity providers (like the tax office, etc.), you can use it through France Connect network of participants, such as the ANTS. As a foreigner, La Poste is your best bet to open a France Connect account. Such is required to perform most of the car registration requests with the ANTS. Included any online vehicle ownership transfer in France.

Can I transfer ownership of a vehicle online in France?

Yes, you can change ownership of a vehicle online ! Actually, online car ownership transfer is the most common way. With Eplaque, you can even do it in English.

How to change ownership of a car in France ?

The seller has to fill a « cession certificate » (Cerfa 15776) with the buyer. The seller must then declare the car owner change (« enregistrement de cession », we can hande such request). The buyer has to request the vehicle ownership transfer online, for example with us. A new car registration certificate will then be sent to the address of the owner.

How to tax a car after change of ownership in France ?

All taxes due are paid during the change of ownership. There is no yearly car tax in France.

How to change ownership of a car when someone dies ?

How to change ownership of a car after death ? You’ll need special documents from the notary, or authorization from every heir in order to transfer the ownership of a deceased car owner.

What is the ANTS?

It’s a public service that handles French car registration certificates, driving licenses and ID. About its car division, it’s more or less the equivalent of the British DVLA.

Can you change ownership of a vehicle online without v5 (« carte grise »)

As a general rule, no. However, if there are good reasons for this document to be missing, it’s possible. For example when the vehicle is very old. Still, you’ll have to provide evidence that you are the rightful owner to be granted a carte grise.

Une question ? Nous vous répondrons dans les meilleurs délais.

  • Jerrin dit

    Hi, I had a motor bike, and sold, but the buyer has not yet changed the paper. There I received the speed fine to my address. What should I do?

    • Joachim dit

      Did you notify your vehicle ownership transfer? It seems that you didn't, therefore it has to be done ASAP. Meanwhile, you can dispute the fine by denouncing him.

  • Stephen Broadbent dit

    I am buying a car from a friend in France and I am going to use your service, (thank heaven it's available 😊 What paperwork do I need to fill in and what other paperwork will you need from me and the seller. Also is it just a matter of scanning whatever is needed and the emailed to you or is it by post. I am in department 16. Regards Steve

    • Joachim dit

      Thanks for your trust. Required paperwork is listed on this page under the title: "Documents for a transfer of motor vehicle ownership in France". You can scan them or send them by post, it's up to you.

  • Mike Delves dit

    Hi, My friend is giving me a French registered car, no money involved, do I need to complete Cerfa 13750*07 for this? Thanks Mike

    • Joachim dit

      Yes, this form must always be filled since it is meant to inform authorities about ownership transfer (whether the car is sold, given for free, scrapped...).

  • Peter dit

    Good morning, Joachim I was in touch before with you. My car, on French plates, broke down after I moved back to England and I had to get it scrapped in England at an official UK Government approved site. I wrote to ANTS in November 2022 but had no reply? After research and contacting you I am trying to register the destruction online with ANTS but find there are certain sections I cannot complete as they assume scrapping took place in France and make no allowance I can see for scrapping in another country? If I need to complete the Form 15776 how do I send it to them and also how do I send ANTS the crossed-through Certificat d'Immatriculation and which address? I have 33 Avenue du Maine, 75015 Paris? I am really stuck and wondered if you can help or guide me? Also, I cannot find an email contact for ANTS so I can advise them of the situation? Very grateful if you can assist me in any way? Sincerely Peter

    • Joachim dit

      You cannot just send the document. You have to do a "declaration de cession", which is about ownership transfer (scrapping falls into that, the new "owner" being the scrapping company). If you struggle with the ANTS, you can use our service to do it. We can even assist in English, mail us at contact@eplaque.fr and we will sort it out for you.

  • Yasen dit

    Hello, I would like to buy a caravan from France and export it in EU. Where I can get an insurance for the travel.

    • Joachim dit

      You can ask a quote to any French insurance company.

  • craig dit

    Hello im an australian with German residencie i am selling my German registered car to a French person in France, how do i go about the transfer/sales process,

    • Joachim dit

      You have to follow the rules in Germany. The buyer will probably ask you to fill a "certificat de cession" to facilitate the registration process in France, or at least an invoice.

  • Sarah Jarvis dit

    I own a 2001 Renault Laguna Estate purchased in France when I was there in 2008. it has been in storage in Merano, Italy since 2012 and only used once there in 2015 as i tried to sell it . I am a resident of New Zealand and now have no address in any EU country. Can I cancel the French registration and register the car in Italy even on a temporary basis with their "EE" Plates so it can be used or sold. I can get the 'Revision ' done in Italy but driving it to France to do this seems a mission.

    • Joachim dit

      Yes you can proceed like this.

  • stefan dit

    i would like to inport a car from germany. do you do transit plates as well?

    • Joachim dit

      We deal with WW plates, but bear in mind that those cannot be used to drive the car from Germany to France, you can only use them once the car has crossed the border (and then you can go back to Germany with them; as absurd as it sounds, it's the rule. Some people do get French WW and use them from Germany, still it's not legal). To that end you need German temporary plates.

  • Lynn dit

    I bought a used car from a garage it was almost 8 weeks and still no carte gris. I have emailed several times and they say the system is slow. Is this correct, can I. Intact ants direct to see where the carte gris is? Thank you

    • Joachim dit

      If it is an imported car, it is probably true, it takes time. If the car was already registered in France, it's not normal. Best is to inquire with the ANTS, to check if a request exists and what is going on.

  • Mary dit

    My former partner and myself are registered on the carte gris as joint owners of a vehicle which he still drives. We are separated and I now live in the UK. We agree that my name should be removed from the carte gris. How do we do this and Which forms do I need to sign?

    • Joachim dit

      It depends, who is the "main owner" (titulaire) on the certificate?

  • Julie Ryves dit

    Hi iam being gifted a motor home that is in France and registered there. What documents do I need to sign and check so I know the vehicle will belong to me when it's arrived in England.

    • Joachim dit

      You have to fill a "certificat de cession" (Cerfa 15776) with the giver, get the registration certificate of the motor home (crossed, signed and dated by the previous owner) and the "certificat de situation administrative".

  • Lulio dit

    My mom, a resident in France wants to give her car to me, but I don't have a residency in France. Is it still possible?

    • Joachim dit

      She can give it to you, but you'll have to register it in your home country; you need a French proof of address to register a car in France.

  • Keith dit

    My friends are trying to give me their car because they're going back to the UK and don't need it. They don't have a France Connect account, so I've helped them begin the ANTS process - they now have an account at ANTS and we've started filling in the online form. Now the website is asking for the confidential code, which they don't have, and I have clicked the link for 'Demander un nouveau code'. It's supposed to be sent by email within 24 hours, but that was 2 days ago and it hasn't arrived. They are leaving in a week's time. Is the ANTS service reliable and will we get the code in time? If not, what should we do?

    • Joachim dit

      Emails should be instant. Have they checked in their spam folder? Unfortunately there are "hiccups". That's why private services like our exist. If you don't manage with them, we can handle the transfer.

  • Ann Justice dit

    Jusqu'à maintenant ma voiture a fait l'objet d'un contrat de location mais nous avons maintenant effectué le paiement final afin qu'elle soit la propriété de mon mari. L’entreprise de la finance m'a informé qu'ils enverront le certificat de cession dans environ trois semaines afin que nous puissions changer la carte grise. Nous serons à l'étranger lorsque le certificat arrivera et nous reviendrons le 17 août. Pourrons-nous encore conduire la voiture d'ici là et serons-nous toujours assurés pour le faire ? Merci beaucoup pour vos conseils.

    • Joachim dit

      Until the ownership transfer is official, the car remains the property of the leasing company, with you as "user". From that perspective, all is good. Of course, the vehicle must be insured. We assume it will be until the ownership transfer is official, however we advise you to double check with the leasing company.


    I wish to change the name on the carte grise from mine to that of my wife.

    • Joachim dit

      You have to fill with your wife a Cerfa 15776 form, declare online the "cession", then change the owner on the carte grise (changement de titulaire).

  • TIJANI dit

    Je n'ai pas encore de document français mais j'ai un passeport nigérian, j'achète une voiture en France s'il vous plaît puis-je changer de propriétaire à mon nom ?

    • Eplaque dit

      Oui, un passeport étranger est un justificatif d'identité valable.

  • Christine Winter dit

    can the paperwork be sent and where to I am unabler to do on line

    • Eplaque dit

      Yes of course, the address is Eplaque - 34, rue de la forêt - 91860 Epinay-Sous-Sénart.

  • John gorman dit

    Due to a mix up my vehicle ended up being registered in my brothers name, I have a bill of sale in my name he has since gone to the Middle East (uncontactable) can I get it reregistered in my name???

    • Eplaque dit

      No, his signature on a "certificat de cession" is needed in order to transfer ownership.

  • Rhona Gray dit

    We believe we transferred ownership online but never received a new registration document. Can you check whether the change of ownership did actually happen?

    • Eplaque dit

      You should check the status of the request in your ANTS account or contact them. Alternatively, you can try to request a "certificat de situation adminitrative" based on the old carte grise here. If you can get the document, it means that the change of ownership is not registered.

  • Paul langley dit

    Can I put my wife on the carte gris or give her my car free and what will the costs be

    • Eplaque dit

      Yes. In each case you'll have to pay the full transfer costs, that depends on the administrative power of the car (chevaux fiscaux, you can check it out in P.6 on the carte grise) and the region where you live. It's from 30 to 50 EUR per CV + flat fee of EUR 13.76.