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French car registration in English language

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car registration in France for foreigners

Our efficient online vehicule registration services in France are also available in English ! Ownership transfer, change address for car registration, registration of a new car, new copy of a lost or stolen carte grise… We will help you with almost any request. Contact us now for registering a car in France:

  • Phone : +33 1 84 80 28 27 (free toll number)
  • Email : contact@eplaque.fr
  • Fax : 09 72 12 16 91

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Why Eplaque for you car registration in France?

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Eplaque is a licensed car registration service. It holds authorizations n°18621 (Ministry of Interior) & n°26579 (Treasury).

Eplaque is a French company specialized in online car registration since 2009. Our services based near Paris are approved and authorized by the Ministry of the Interior. We help daily people to get quickly their vehicle registration certificate, including foreigners.

Since 2017, vehicle registration is an online process in France. Requests are processed by the ANTS. The switch wreaked quite some havoc back then. Things have improved since, but they are still far from perfect. That’s why many people, even native, prefer to deal with an authorized private service provider to avoid any hassle.

Whether you brought you own car from the UK, Spain, Switzerland or Germany; whether you want to register a new or second hand car, motorbike… We can assist you in English. Our kind and fluent staff is available to answer your queries and guide you through the process. Don’t be lost in translation, get some help from one of the leader of the market to register your car in France.

How does vehicule registration work in France ?

Since 2009, the licence plate number of a car is assigned for life. Even in case of ownership change, a French licence plate always stay with the vehicle. If you buy a second hand car in France, you have to fill in a « déclaration de cession ». Information about the seller, the buyer and the vehicle is part of this official form (Cerfa 15776). You will need this car registration document, among others, to officialize the ownership change.

After you buy a used car, you have 30 days to notify the ownership transfer to you (changement de titulaire). You can drive temporarily with the crossed out carte grise. Once you register the ownership change to your name, you will get a temporary vehicle registration certificate (CPI) valid for 30 days. You will get your final carte grise by registered mail around one week following the approval of your request.

If you change anything meaningful about the car (fuel used, number of seats, etc.), the carte grise must be updated. If you move, you have also to update the vehicle registration certificate address thanks to a specific procedure.

How do I get my licence plates ?

You don’t get plates during the registration process. You have to have then made by a company. To do so, you simply have to show (or provide a copy of) the carte grise. We sell French licence plates online. You can therefore order them together with your car registration.

When you order a plate, you must choose a department. It will influence how the plate looks like since the right part displays regional designs. The number of the chosen department will appear + the logo of the region in which the department is. For example, if you choose the Var (83), your licence plate will display the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur logo. It is some kind of vanity feature of the French plate, it has no bearing on where the owner actually lives.

Une question ? Nous vous répondrons dans les meilleurs délais.

  • James dit

    I am an English person looking buy a used car in France, will a UK driving licence be accepted to produce the grey card. Cordialment.

    • Joachim dit

      Yes, although permits not translated in French will have to be translated.

  • Francis dit

    I have a Uk plated van in Spain What’s the process to register on French plates? Is it easier than Spain?

    • Joachim dit

      We don't know all the details about the Spanish procedure, so we can hardly compare. In France you'll need a 846A certificate and an individual approval.

  • David Roy dit

    I imported an Acura RDX from the United States. I was given a temporary registration that expires on the end of March. I'm trying to get a DREAL appointment but the paperwork is difficult to produce. Can I get an extension on my temporary registration?

    • Joachim dit

      No, unfortunately.

  • Gerald Fowler dit

    I have bought a 1600kg trailer from an EU country. It is new and has no number plate. I need a ww number but can't get insurance without a number plate.

    • Joachim dit

      That's right, that's why for such case the owner simply has to write a letter in which he promises to insure the vehicle once registered, since it's not possible to get an insurance without a number plate.

  • Stephen Greenberg dit

    Good evening, We are Americans who retired to France in July of 2022. We have been living and working for the U.S. Civil Service in the EU since 2012. In 2012 we purchased a new BMW Mini Cooper that was manufactured in Munich to U.S. specifications. It was at one time registered in Belgium as well as in the other EU countries in which we have resided. We have received a partial CoC from BMW France saying the only item not in compliance was the rear signal lights and we had that issue resolved. We believe we have all the proper documentation required to register the vehicle in France but have been hitting a few bureaucratic roadblocks. Is this something where you may be able to provide assistance? If so let us know and we can provide more details and the documentation.

    • Joachim dit

      What you need is an "RTI", or réception à titre isolé. It's an individual approval, that will officially confirm that your car follows EU regulations. You have to take an appointment with your DREAL or DRIEAT if you reside in Ile-de-France to do so. We can register the car, but we cannot assist in getting the required paperwork.

  • Richard dit

    Do I need temporary WW plates to get French insurance, so I can register my foreign vehicle to get a permanent (CG)

    • Joachim dit

      French insurance companies won't insure cars without a number plate. However, you can simply write a letter in which you promise that you will insure the car once registered if that's your issue. You need to provide such document for a WW as well, so getting that WW won't help in that matter (although it's recommended if you have to use your car immediately).

  • Tim Diment dit

    How can i change my van from commercial to privatif registration

    • Joachim dit

      I'm afraid I don't quite get your question, can you be more specific?

  • Julia Lassarat dit

    Hello, Is it possible to buy/register a car, obtain a carte grise, and insure the car with an American permit?

    • Joachim dit

      You can register a car, but we don't know if it's a problem for insurers to accept US driving licences.

  • John wyatt dit

    Ref CG624422 Good evening. I sent hopefully the last piece of information you requested on Monday 20th of February. It’s now Friday and I’ve not heard anything. Any reason ?

    • Joachim dit

      Please contact directly the customer service, as moderators we don't deal with registration files, so we cannot help. Hopefully all is good already.

  • Alexandra WEBBER dit

    Hi, I need WW plates but have quite a complicated question. Could someone who speaks English give me a ring on xxxx please

    • Joachim dit

      Please call the free toll number 01 84 80 28 27.

  • Oleg dit

    We have arrived to France by Russian car. We are going to stay here for 1 year. Is it possible to get temporary French plates because we are going to stay longer than allowed 6 month. Is it possible to insure the car in a local insurance company?

    • Joachim dit

      There are no such plates in France. You could get temporary WW plates, but their validity is limited to 4 months. TT plates are valid 6 months, and can eventually be extended for another 6 months, but are only granted if you buy a new car. If you keep your main address in Russia, you can drive with your foreign plates (and local insurance valid abroad, I don't think French insurers accept to cover foreign plates). If you transfer your residency to France, your only option is to apply for standard French plates.

  • Martin Rudd dit

    Hello I have a French purchased, initially registered in France, vehicle which is now on UK plates but I wish to re-import it into France. How do I go about this?

    • Joachim dit

      There won't be any impact on the procedure, you have to proceed the same way you would for any imported car from the UK. Which means getting a 846A. A new plate number will be assigned.

  • Kath Beresford dit

    I have been given CPI WW and have been told I can get the number plates made up. Can I go to any shop doing this or are there specific ones

    • Joachim dit

      In France plates are made by approved private companies, so yes you can make yours with any of those. You can order them online via our website.

  • George dit

    Hi. I bought a car from a dealer. The car has WW plates and CPI WW, it was originally bought by dealer from belgium and he also gave me the belgium documents (registration certificates). I am planning to register the car in a different EU country. The cpi ww expires in april. Can I drive the car in Europe? Do I need french auto insurance for cpi ww? As the dealer did not give me insurance papers.

    • Joachim dit

      The validity of a WW abroad depends on the local authorities. We know for sure that it's ok to drive in Germany. We heard of a big problem in Austria, a reader going back to the Balkans with such car got arrested there. You need of course a valid insurance, unless you decide to transport the car on a truck.

  • John L dit

    Hello. What forms do I complete to buy a scooter in France and and export it to Ireland? Thank you John

    • Joachim dit

      Assuming the scooter is second hand, you have to complete a "certificat de cession" (Cerfa 15776) with the seller, that's it.

  • Emma Gilmour dit

    Hello. I buy a rally car from France. I have the registration papers and I now try to register the car in New Zealand. The New Zealand license authority needs a translation of the French Registration papers - can you help with this? Thank you.

    • Joachim dit

      No, but you can simply get a certified translation in NZ.

  • Peter dit

    Hello Joachim Did you receive my last communication about my car being scrapped in the UK but difficulty with the ANTS online site? Thanks Peter

    • Joachim dit

      Yes, the answer has been published below.

  • Peter Wyart dit

    I have an Histioric 1972 Mercdes SL 450 Automatic. Can I get a cart grise for such a car. Looking at ANTS it seems not to have a catorgory fot Historc Automatic car? Very odd.

    • Joachim dit

      There is no specific procedure for vintage cars. You simply have to attach the "attestation de datation et de caractéristiques" (the FFVE or the manufacturer can provide it to you) to you car registration request, or a request to change it.

  • William dit

    I have a car registered in Austria and would like to register it in Lyon. Kindly provide details on your services to assist me in completing the registration.

    • Joachim dit

      To summarize the information on the page, you'll need the certificate of conformity of the car, and a "quitus fiscal" to register a car from Austria. The other documents are basic (car registration certificate, proof of identity, of address, driving licence, insurances, some forms that we will fill). You can email us for more details or kick off the procedure.

  • Marco Lopes dit

    Hello, I bought a car couple of months ago from a private person far away from me. However I have been trying to change the car name for mine online with ANTS and it's been really painful and I didn't manage to do it. I have the following documents: carte grise signed cerfa_13750-05 cerfa-15776-02-certificat-cession-vehicule-occasion Certificat de situation administrative détaillé ... (And all the buyer personal documents necessary such as driving license, insurance, address, etc) However he didn't gave me any code to perform the change online and they ask me for it. I already tried to contact him again but unfortunately he doesn't answer me again. Is it possible to do it with papers without any code? Or on top of the documents that I mentioned that I have the seller needs to perform or declare something on the ANTS online? Thanks for the help in this matter, I just want to see this issue resolved because I cannot drive the car like this. Best Regards, Marco Lopes

    • Joachim dit

      Without the code it's not possible to do it with the ANTS. If the seller declared the sale via a private compay, you must use a private service as well, such as ours, to get your new car registration certificate.

  • Khan dit

    Hello, I hav a car registered in France. I moved to Belgium and I changed my French plate to Belgium. I registered my car in Belgium. The original Carte de Grise was taken by Belgium government for getting Belgium Car certificate and plate. Now my car has Belgium plate. What should I do with French plates? Should I discard it, or I have to send back to France? If yes, to which address? Are there any further steps to do?

    • Joachim dit

      You can just destroy them, as none of the plates (front and back) are provided by the state, but made by private companies.

  • LENNART dit

    I’m an American, with a California driver’s license. We own a house in 22270 area. I’m currently in the US but will travel to France in late January. Is it possible to purchase a used vehicle today and have it registered in my name and insured by the time I get there? To do it all remotely? The car in question is well known to me as is the owner. The MOT is about 2 months old.

    • Joachim dit

      It's definitely possible now that everything is done online regarding car registrations.

  • Andy Crawford dit

    I am taking my right hand drive car imported into France in 2016 back to the UK in February. I have an import company in the UK who are handling the re-registration process. Can you advise me or assist in informing the French authorities of the export date and the cancellation of french registration. Postal code 06140. Many thanks.

    • Joachim dit

      Yes, we can. FYI there is no specific cancellation procedure, all you'll have to do is to declare the ownership transfer (via a "certificat de cession" form). When the "buyer" is abroad, the French registration is automatically cancelled.

  • +37122445294 dit

    I have bought a car from France, but it is not possible to register in Latvia! Shows a tick when to contact the French car registration. What is the problem? A request has been sent to you at the Latvian reception, but you cannot wait for a response. What is the problem?

    • Joachim dit

      Most likely there is an administrative block that prevents the car registration certificate to be transferred. Go to this website https://siv.interieur.gouv.fr/map-usg-ui/do/csa_retour_dem_certificat and fill the form. You'll be able to see the administrative situation of the car (eg if the car had a crash and an expert didn't lift the "dangerous" status, if the car is registered as stolen, if fines are unpaid, etc.).

  • Gill Foster dit

    We have decided to start using our English trailer - under 500cwt. However, our car is now a french registered one. Is it possible to buy just one number plate with reg the same as the car?

    • Joachim dit

      If 500 cwt is the "total weight fully loaded" in kg, yes all you have to do is get a copy of the car plate, fix it on your trailer and you are good to go. Just make sure your insurance has trailer coverage.

  • Geoff Leeming dit

    J'ai un maison de vacances en France, mais je ne suis pas résident en France. Serre-t-il possible pour moi de acheter ou registrer un voiture en France

    • Joachim dit

      Oui, les autorités viennent récemment de préciser qu'un non-résident peut immatriculer un véhicule en France à l'adresse de sa résidence secondaire dans le pays.

  • Andrew Roberts dit

    Hello I live in England but have just bought and registered a French car in my name to use at our holiday home in the alps. As the car was first registered in 2003 I have been provided with a new car registration number and need to buy new number plates. If I buy them online with you can they be shipped to my UK address or do you only ship within France?

    • Joachim dit

      We can ship them to the UK, no problem.

  • Peter dit

    Cher eplaque, I made the difficult decision to hold off on importing my vehicle from the U.S. As such is the case kindly let me know how to best way to secure reimbursement as I will no longer need registration services. Merci beaucoup, Peter Order No. CG755441

    • Joachim dit

      Hello, as moderators we don't deal with customers registrations, please contact customer service to sort this out : 01 84 80 28 27 (toll free number) ou contact@eplaque.fr

  • Alessandro dit

    Bonjour, j'ai une voiture avec une plaque d'immatriculation essence et GPL italienne et j'aimerais, puisque j'habite maintenant en France, insérer les plaques françaises. Je voudrais savoir comment faire w surtout comment cela fonctionne pour le gpl. Merci. Alessandro

  • Dej Boro dit

    Hello I want to buy cars from Auctions in France for Export but some of them are without the Carde Grise. Can you help me to get them? What is the procedure and which documents are required? Kind Regards

    • Joachim dit

      Cars from public auctions can be registered without "carte grise" thanks to the "bordereau d'adjudication du commissaire priseur" (but not with us, only the ANTS can handle such specific case), in English the official auction's slip. You can paste this article link in Google translate, it will provide more details: https://www.eplaque.fr/vente-vehicule/vente-aux-encheres-voiture

  • stefan dit

    i would like to inport a german car into france. do you do transit plates as well. thank you.

    • Joachim dit

      Transit plates must be German since the car is bought there. You can get French temp plates (WW type), but only once the car arrived in France, you cannot use them to drive to France.

  • Trevor Roberts dit

    Have bought a 1979 Fiat 124 Spider at auction in the UK. UK registered since 2015, but U.S. vehicle prior to that ( no supporting paperwork from U.S.) Evidently left- hand drive and as am a French resident I wish to register the vehicle in France… Is this something you would be able to assist/ advise with please…?

    • Joachim dit

      We have already answered your question, please read below.

  • Geir Hvidsten dit

    Bonjour, pouvez-vous m’aider avec l’adresse/e-mail du département du service des douanes qui peut fournir une copie des documents d’exportation. Merci beaucoup Geir Hvidsten

    • Joachim dit

      Nous n'avons pas de contact direct à vous fournir, voir https://www.douane.gouv.fr/services-aide pour des informations généralistes.

  • Khouri Thatiana dit

    Bonjour, We just moved to France from Denmark and we brought our car with us. I need to change the Danish license to the French one as we will live here for the next 3 years. How much does you company chanrge to provide this service? Thank you in advance and best wishes, Thatiana

    • Joachim dit

      Our fee is EUR 50. We will collect on top taxes due on behalf of the tax office.

  • Fiil dit

    hello can you explain or help what to do I want to take my french car with french plates and export it to Denmark. How do I unregister the car from the french register?

    • Joachim dit

      We believe that we already answered your question, just in case... There is no such procedure, all you need to do is fill this form (Cerfa 15776) (you will be the seller and the buyer, respectively with your address in France as on the carte grise and your address in Denmark), then declare the ownership transfer ("cession") with us, for example.

  • Igor Yarzhembovskiy dit

    Hello, can you help me to get Carte Grise for Chinese Electric Vehicle?

    • Joachim dit

      Yes, but only for the registration in itself. Which means we cannot assist for the individual approval procedure ("RTI") and getting the 846A certificate from the customs.

  • Brigitte dit

    Hi can I insure a French car if I don’t own it ?

    • Joachim dit


  • Tiziana dit

    I’ve just moved to France but I’m not a resident yet. I’d need to register a car I inherited from my dad in Italy, the Italian title is in his name and now it’s too late to transfer it to me. What kind of documents do I need to prove that I legally own the vehicle? There are 3 heirs and my mom and sister agreed to let me keep the car, they can sign a « certificat de cession de véhicule d’occasion » if it helps. Thanks!

    • Joachim dit

      It's quite complicated since you need all the documents required in case of inheritance + in case of import. Did a notary handle the case in Italy? If yes, you'll need his paperwork proving who is the beneficiary + translation. If not, you'll need a letter signed by all the heirs stating that there is no will, no widow, and that the heirloom is not contested in any way. You'll also need a letter from the other heirs confirming that they grant you the car + a copy of the death certificate translated in French. About the import, you'll need a "quitus fiscal" (some kind of VAT certificate) and the COC of the car.

  • Andrews Plante dit

    I am a UK resident, but have a permanent address in France as a second home. I have a business registered to the french address and a siret number for the business. Can I buy a car in France and register it at the french address for business use?

    • Joachim dit

      If you have a business in France, you can definitely register a car under it. If you want to register it on your personal name, it's possible, although not 100% legal.

  • Chris Galley dit

    We have a motorbike in the UK we wish to import and register in France. Can you do this for us? Approximately how much would it cost?

    • Joachim dit

      We can take care of the registration certificate, but we cannot assist with customs, getting the COC, etc. Our service costs EUR 50 + registration taxes that depend on the power of the motorbike and the region of registration.

  • Alan Pattinson dit

    I have a Towbox which is a luggage box which attaches to the tow ball of a car, similar to a bike carrier. Must the registration number be permanently attached to the Towbox or can it be detachable, say on Velcro? Thank you.

    • Joachim dit

      According to the French law, plates must be attached permanently.

  • Nicola Hoshino dit

    Can you help us with a used car we bought from a friend? We have a crossed out Carte Grise in her name not in ours.

    • Joachim dit

      Sure, however you'll also a need a properly filled Cerfa 15776 form.

  • Paddy Fox dit

    Ok, thank you. The point the campsite owner is making is that I'm not a permanent resident of the campsite. He does accept that, in certain circumstances (migrants), it might be a permanent address.... (Il n'est pas possible de se domicilier dans un camping. Mais c'est paradoxal car ce que tu as ecrit n'est pas faux, car il y en a (surtout des migrants) qui habitent camping ou hotel). I think I'll stop annoying him now. Apologies, I've left a related query on the French part of the website about just continuing with the carte grise barrée to allow me get the camper home and register it there. I didn't realise it was the same site. Sorry for wasting your time. Thanks again

    • Joachim dit

      That's right, it's supposed to be your permanent address, but from the car registration point of view, nobody checks that, all they require is a valid proof of address. Moreover, if a car stays more than a year in France, you must register it... Indeed it's a grey area. No problem, we are here to help.

  • Paddy Fox dit

    Hi Joachim. Thank you for your reply. What the campsite owner said was "Comme vous le savez il est interdit d'avoir une domiciliation administrative dans un camping en France". If he is incorrect, is there any official website/law etc that I could direct him to to support this? Incidently, my electricity account was the proof of address used to apply for the carte grise. Thanks again for your help.

    • Joachim dit

      You will find this information on the official Service Public website. Select "Vous habitez à l'hôtel ou dans un camping", and you will find the answer we provided. The law references are indicated in "Textes de loi et références" below if he wishes to check further. Bottom line is, you can have a proof of address in a camping to issue a carte grise.

  • Paddy Fox dit

    Hi. I'm from Ireland and am in the process of buying a camping car. I have paid the full amount and the dealer organised the carte grise. Unfortunately the only french address I have is the campsite where I have mobile home. When the registered post arrived in connection with the carte grise, we were not there and the campsite owner refused to sign for it as he (rightly, I think) said that a campsite cannot be 'une domiciliation administrative'. We did not know about this law. Is there anything we can do?

    • Joachim dit

      First, it's not true that you cannot have your official address in a campsite. In that case, an invoice provided by the campsite will be your proof of address; by the way, such document should have been provided with your carte grise request. About your carte grise, it will be sent once again when the printing service (Imprimerie nationale) will receive it back. You just have to wait a bit, and hope you will be present this time.

  • Gregor dit

    Hello. I would like to know what kind of French plates are EU look but not blue, they are black? Everything else is the same.

    • Joachim dit

      We are not sure that we understand what you mean. In general, in France vintage plates (black background and white letter) can be used only by vintage cars. About the EU logo on the left side, it must be blue. If it's black, the plate design is not legal.

  • JONES Kenneth dit

    We leased a SKODA FABIA from new in 2019 with the option to buy after 3 years. We have purchased the vehicle as of 8th July and received documents from VW SKODA confirming payment and transfer. I have tried since 12th July to complete the changes online via ANTS website without any success as there is a system fault. ANTS are aware of the fault and simply say "Try again tomorrow". I have phoned them a number of times, I have messaged them daily and I have used Facebook messaging too, all without any response. After 30 day I will automatically be fined but ANTS but they just say try "again tomorrow"!!! I have spoken to VW SKODA Finance to see if they can help, but it must be me that makes the registration. I have every document possible, in duplicate, but no way of sending them. Help. I'm visiting family in the UK at the moment. The Carte Gris will remain IDENTICAL as its in my name, address, etc. Only the "VW" name will be removed off the Carte Gris. ANTS suggested using someone elses Social Security number which I did but it still failed and it sounds highly illegal to me. Awaiting your reply. We are officially permanent residents in France btw, after 17 years here. I have a french mobile. Ken & Kathy JONES

    • Joachim dit

      That's unfortunately an ongoing problem since the car registration reform in 2017. And that's why private car registration companies such as our are successful. You can use our service instead.

  • Bruno Guedes da Silva dit

    Hello, I bought a french car at an auction and i need to know if it had a permanent license plate in france. The only license plate i have is a temporary one which is from Belgium. How can i know the french license plates that the car had? My best regards,

    • Joachim dit

      If the car has been exported, most likely the French registration has been cancelled. You can send your inquiry to the ANTS (provide them with the VIN number).

  • Marie Greenberg dit

    I bought my 2012 mini cooper countryman in Spain in June 2012. It was manufactured in Germany with American Specs. I have registered it in Spain, Belgium and Italy. It is a base model with xenon headlights and an aftermarket rear fog light. It has never left the EU and I am not selling it. We now live in France and need to register it. I have the certificate of origin, my old Belgium registration documents from 2014-2017, a current CT from Italy and a 30 day temporary registration from the U. S. Armed Forces Italy (AFI) plates. What do i need to do to register my car in France.

    • Joachim dit

      You'll have to make an individual approval procedure (RTI in French, done at the DREAL ; such procedure made somewhere else in the EU are not valid in France, unfortunately) and get a "quitus fiscal" at your tax office (free of charge). If the Italian CT is not older than 6 months, you can use it to register the car. Otherwise you'll have to get a new one in France.

  • Petyo dit

    I list the license plate of my motorcycle. What should i do? How can i get a new one?

  • David dit

    What is the cost to transfer the car gris into my name for a 1978 Citroen 2CV

    • Joachim dit

      If it's a car with French plates, with us it will cost from around EUR 130 to 230, depending on the region where you live.

  • Kostas dit

    Hello I'm from Greece and i want to buy a used car from France. What is the procedure to legally drive it to Greece and how much will it cost? Thank you very much.

    • Joachim dit

      That's a bit problematic. In France we don't have special export plates. In brief the buyer keeps the plates and takes the car with the crossed registration certificate. The problem is, some countries don't recognize such crossed title as a valid registration certificate. We heard the case of an owner who got arrested in Austria for driving such car, and got forced to register it there to continue his trip to the Balkans. In short, the safest way is to transport it on a truck.

  • Bruce Spencer dit

    Hi I am looking at buying a VW tijuana in Germany it will be around 20,000 Euros Euro 6 engine 110 KW. I am a UK resident but have a place in Samoens. Can you please let me know the process and cost for your services to register the car in france. Merci Beaucoup Bruce Spencer

    • Joachim dit

      This article explains how to calculate the tax amount related to the carte grise. For a second hand car you don't have to pay VAT. You just need to get a "quitus fiscal" from the French tax office and the COC of the car.

  • russell dit

    .i am a long time resident in france my daughter gave me her english car she transfered it to me in england so i have the v5 english carte grisse in my name i also have obtained the control technique but have difficulty in understanding what is required for 864A and whether a personal visit is necessary I find your website excellent and am attempting to collect all the paperwork i need

    • Joachim dit

      For the 846A you need to visit a customs office in your area, you'll have to fill the form and provide some documents related to the car.

  • Shannon dit

    Hello, Are you able to help with registering a car for a non resident in France? We are from Australia and want to buy a car to use around Europe. Thank you

    • Joachim dit

      Sure, call or email us to kick off the procedure off-system, in English, or use it in French!

  • Angelines dit

    I bought a caravan in Spain from france and I need the original documents. how can I get them? Thank you

    • Joachim dit

      Which documents? In principle the seller has to provide everything. If the COC is missing, you should request it to the manufacturer.

  • Karl Hopper-Young dit

    I end to register a uk scooter. Honda Vision 110 cc Registration in UK is xxxx

    • Joachim dit

      We can register any foreign vehicle, contact us my email or phone for info or kick off the procedure.

  • Neha Gupta dit

    I am moving out of France temporarily and plan to take my France registered car with me. As per the rule of my new country I will need to register the car in there. However I will move back to France in a couple of years. Can I retain my French registration till then or do I need to cancel it and re-register it later after I move back?

    • Eplaque dit

      You'll have to register it again, a new number will be assigned then.

  • M. Haidar dit

    I want to cancel my car registration in france because I want to register it in Italy. Could you handle this for me.

    • Eplaque dit

      There is no cancellation as such in France. You simply have to fill a "certificat de cession" form (Cerfa 15776) with the buyer and declare it. You can declare it with us, of course.

  • Walter White dit

    Bonjour. We will be moving to France from Canada in the summer. We have International Driver's license and while our property has not officially closed in France, we have a signed 'Compris de Vente' Is a 'Compris de Vente' satisfactory as a proof of address to allow us to buy a car in France?

    • Eplaque dit

      Unfortunately it's not enough as such agreement in principle can be broken.

  • Arbi dit

    Hello, Im Living in France for 3 month , now i want to buy a used car here in france, I HAVE ALBANIAN PASSPORT AND DRIVER LICENSE , can i buy a used car in france and register in my name, drive in france some time and after when i go back to my home country can i take my car with me there, thank you

    • Eplaque dit

      If you have a proof of address in France (something like a rental contract, water or electricity bill...), it's possible.

  • Susan Simmons dit

    Hi, I am hoping to buy a french car to register to my french address. I have the deed signed by the notaire, detailing the address and my name as owner from October 2021. i do NOT have a utilities style invoice as the apartment service charges are an appel de fonds and not a facture, from the building management company employed by the syndique. All utility costs are shared between the owners and noone has a direct contract to EDF. Will the deed suffice as proof of french address?

    • Eplaque dit

      Sure, a title deed is a valid proof of address.

  • Nick Catling dit

    Hi I have a motorcycle I brought it from Uk it got its 846A form issued last December but bike has been not working so could not ride it it’s now fixed can I get it registered now?

  • paul davies dit

    Hi. We have just made a permanent move to France and need to register our UK bought car. There is a lot of conflicting advice on the internet- can you help please?

    • Eplaque dit

      We have written a guide in English about that subject: registering a car in France. Please read it, if anything is unclear we'll pick it up from there. You can also contact us by phone or email.


    J'ai une Citroën C4 Grand Picasso immatriculée au Royaume-Uni, elle a été immatriculée pour la première fois le 16 août 2017. sa puissance nette est de 88Kw et ses émissions sont de 106g/Km. Je veux immatriculer la voiture en France et j'aimerais connaître le coût de cette opération et vos frais. Cordialement M. Don Maxfield

  • Stephen Beet dit

    Hello, I want to apply for Collection status for my 1991 Jaguar XJS. I am in the process of matriculation and have another CT in a month as it failed the first. What form do I need and what paperwork for the collection application? Many thanks Stephen Beet

    • Eplaque dit

      You must get an "attestation de datation et de caractéristiques" from Jaguar or the FFVE ("Old Timers French Federation"), with this certificate you can then get the "collection" status.

  • claire belton dit

    I need to get a carte grise for my UK reg. car. I have all the documents but am having terrible difficulty getting them onto the site. Is thi something you do, for a fee, and what is the fee please?

    • Eplaque dit

      Our fee for the registration of an imported car is EUR 50 (+taxes collected on behalf of the French tax office). Do not hesitate to contact our customer service for more info or kick off the procedure.

  • CAROLINE dit

    Hi. i trying to cancel my carte gris as i sold my camping car. i am not living in France anymore and have problem to cancel the insurrance as well. help

    • Eplaque dit

      In France there is no cancellation procedure. You have to do what we call in French a "déclaration de cession", which means declaring ownership transfer. To do so, you have to fill a Cerfa 15776 with the buyer and declare the transaction. Once declared, you will get a proof that you can use to cancel the insurance.

  • Phil Smith dit

    SImple question - we are moving Departments to live. I need to change from my existing address to the new one for both my registration AND Carte Gris - or does changing one update both

    • Eplaque dit

      You have to change it twice, there is no automatic notification to other systems if you submit 1 change.

  • Lasse REJ-ROSENQVIST dit

    Hello I want to buy a used car from a Volkswagen dealer. I will drive the car to Denmark and do not need french numberplates. How can I drive this car to Denmark. Do you have export plates? Kind regards Lasse

    • Eplaque dit

      France does not have specific export plates for second hand car. The procedure is the following: you buy the car, keep the plates, then change the registration abroad. However, bear in mind that in some countries, local authorities don't allow new owners to drive with a "crossed" registration certificate (which indicates that the car has been sold). If you cross such country (check with their embassy to enquire), the only solution is to organize transport on a truck or sth.

  • Geza Molnar dit

    Hi, We are moving to France in July, and we are thinking of keeping my VW Passat (UK, Right Hand Drive), and I would like to now the cost of importing/registering the car in France. Thanks and regards, Geza Molnar

  • bharath dit

    Hi, i am diplomat, working for WHO, would you help me in getting my car registration done. The brand where i am buying the car asked me to do the registration myself. Regards, Bharath

    • Eplaque dit

      Sure, contact us by email or phone.

  • Rols dit

    I am from another European country, but currently living in France for a few months. Is it possible to buy a car from Germany (prices are better there) and register it in France for these few months?

    • Eplaque dit

      Yes if you can produce a valid proof of address, and if you have a valid driving license.

  • Marco van Laere dit

    I have a Dutch registration plate and am now live in France permanently. Are you able to help me with changing my registration plates to French please ?

    • Eplaque dit

      Sure, you just need to get a "quitus fiscal" from your tax office, and the certificate of conformity of your vehicle.

  • Mark Barton dit

    I have a french vehicle with a Fiche d'identification du vehicules. I wish to register the vehicle in Italy but the Italians want a copy of the original Cart Gris to complete the process. Can you obtain a copy of the Cart Gris for me?

    • Eplaque dit

      Only the owner (titulaire) can request a copy of the carte grise. So if you are, yes we can do it. If another person is recorded as the owner, it won't be possible.

  • Alistair Sisson dit

    I have a 1970 jaguar E type which I wish to register here in France it has a current MOT and is registered in my name in the UK. I am now permanently living in France and wish to use the Jaguar from time to time. Obviously it would come under the classification of “. Voiture de collection” would it be of help to have certificate from the FFVE (Federation Française des Véhicules d’epoque) ? I hope you can help me. Thanks

    • Eplaque dit

      Getting a certificate, from Jaguar or the FFVE, is mandatory to get the vintage category. You would have to request that document yourself, we cannot assist.

  • Ian Watson dit

    Hello I wish to buy a car that is in France on German number plates Is it possible to register the car and put it in my name in France The car is not being bought from a dealer Thank you for your help Regards Ian

    • Eplaque dit

      It can be tricky. E.g. if the individual is French and already requested a WW registration.

  • Saartje dit

    Hi, maybe I wasn't clear in my question. We would like to buy a campervan which is located in Colombia on French plates. So we would like to change the ownership on our name in France. We are from Belgium, but we would like to keep the French plates. Could you assist us with this?

    • Eplaque dit

      Yes we can.

  • Saartje dit

    Good morning, is it possible to change ownership from a French car to Belgians? How does it work?

    • Eplaque dit

      It is possible, but it has to be done in Belgium. We operate in France, so we are not involved in that (except the car ownership transfer declaration in France).

  • Martin dit

    Hi, In addition to the much needed French plates, can you asses/help deal with the post-Brexit import duties on a second hand car? How do I calculate these fees? Kind regards, Martin

    • Eplaque dit

      We cannot assist in getting the paperwork, we just process it to registrate the car. You will pay 20%+10% based on the market value, as provided by assessment tools such as l'Argus. However you can be exempted if you come to live in France permanently.

  • Sally Devlin dit

    I have received my temporary carte grise. Can I order the new plates via your site??

  • Stipe dit

    Hi, i am from croatia, and i found a car in France that i want to buy. I plan to go in France in few days to buy car and drive it to Croatia.. So when I see car, lets say I go to bank make money transfer, give them proof of transfer, and my documnets, and then what? i will get receipt I supose, and need to get export plates, where do i get them? thank you

    • Eplaque dit

      In France, there is no export plates for second hand car. You get the crossed registration certificate, insure the car then drive it with its actual plates. The problem is the following: not every country recognize a crossed registration certificate as a valid document. One reader told us he has been arrested in Autria, and had to register the car there to continue his trip to the Balkans. So you should check this before. Or simply send it on a truck.

  • Douglas MacKenzie dit

    Hello, I am importing a car that I have just purchased from Germany into France. It is a classic car and I would like a collection registration. Can you assist me in doing this? I would need help in English

    • Eplaque dit

      We can help you getting the "carte grise", but we can't assist for collecting the required paperwork (quitus, FFVE attestation, etc.).

  • Peter Elsworth dit

    I am taking my uk camping car to dreal inspection today. The french insurance ended in January. They will not renew until I have carte grise which means I have no insurance.

    • Eplaque dit

      If you cannot find an insurer, the camping car would have to be towed to the dreal.

  • Magnus Magnusson dit

    Hi, I have bought a car in Frankfurt and need temporary plates to drive it to France via Zwitzerland. 6 days in total. I will then park it in our garage and wait for my diplomatic French plates. Can you help me get the temporary plates and insurance. I would need them by this Friday (I live in Paris). Many thanks, Magnus

    • Eplaque dit

      Those temp plates must be issued by Germany, therefore we cannot assist you, sorry.

  • Geraldine West dit

    We have just arrived in France to live and have an address we own . We have a Volvo V90 D4 Inscription 2019 and a Mercedes SLK 2014 both on private UK plates. I have COC already for both cars. We need help to apply for Carte grise and to insure the cars in France. Can you help? Do we first have to get the MOTd in France? The Volvo would have been due 1st in May in UK, the Merc UK Mot expires March

  • Wright dit

    Good morning, I would like to know if it is still possible to get a temporary french registration for a UK caravan e.g. 3 months, in order for it to be towed back to the UK by a french transport company.

    • Eplaque dit

      It's possible in principle, but for vehicles waiting for a permanent registration. That would imply getting the 846A certificate from the customs.

  • Jan S dit

    Hello, I am Canadian with a secondary house in France. I am in the process of applying for a long term visitor visa (not working, retired). I plan to spend about 50% of my time in France but will not be tax resident. I would like to purchase and register a car in France but have been confused by what I have read, with some saying this is illegal? As a part timer here, with a long stay visa, and a maison secondaire, am I legally able to purchase and register a car here? Thanks in advance!

    • Eplaque dit

      It's a grey area. Somehow one law says you must be "resident", but on the other hand another says that all you have to provide is a valid proof of address. As a matter of fact, even illegals can register a car in they provide a proof of address, of identity and a valid driving license. We have never heard of a case of a non resident having issues for owning a car. French authorities simply want a valid address to make sure fines are paid. Moreover, if you would come with a Canadian car, you would not be able to drive it for more than one year, after 12 months on the territory it must be registered in France... Bottom line, if you own a home in France, you can register a car, many do.

  • Yiannis T dit

    I want to buy a new german car that is not imported in France (a manual BMW M3 - BMW France imports only automatics). Will it need to pass some type of inspection, and is it easier (or even possible) to buy it from a french dealer or buy it in Germany and import it?

    • Eplaque dit

      If the car has a European certificate of conformity, which should be the case for any BMW sold in Germany, you can register it "easily" as an imported car. We are not sure whether French BMW dealers agree to buy from their German colleagues. It would certainly be easier for you if they take care of the registration of the car, but technically they don't offer any specific advantage to get the car registration. While it might cost you much more since you add a middleman in the transaction.

  • Nicole Goijarts dit

    Hi ,we have a secondary house in France and I just bought a used car in Germany and need French plates. I can’t get in France Connect ,what to do ?

    • Eplaque dit

      You can ask someone with a working France Connect account to submit your application. Or you can use our services.

  • Craig dit

    Bonjour, I have a SAAB that was originally sold into the United States market. There is therefore no CoC. I've been in the Netherlands for two years. RDW was quite happy to register it after an inspection, in which they stated that it was fully EU compliant (minus CoC). Can you assist me to register it in France, where I now live ? Thanks

    • Eplaque dit

      To replace the COC, request an RTI from the nearest DREAL. You can contact our customer service to assist you in your registration procedures Phone: 01 84 80 28 27 (free service) Email: contact@eplaque.fr

  • Michael Dewey dit

    I am an American living in Italy (not a resident there yet). I am coming to France to buy a used motorbike, but do not have a permanent address in France. Can you help me with the registration?

    • Eplaque dit

      You cannot register a vehicle in France without a permanent address. If Italy allows non-residents to register vehicles, the solution is to buy the motorbike in France, then export and register it in Italy.

  • Robert Lockwood dit

    Hi, i have sold my french registered car to an English man who also owns a property in france. The car had a CT last week so we just need to swap ownership on the Carte Grise, can you help please.

    • Eplaque dit

      Of course. We can help you in your procedures. Contact our customer service Phone : 01 84 80 28 27 (free service) Email : contact@eplaque.fr

  • Irma Maritz dit

    I bought a property in France, including a second hand vehicle. I am a South African resident, but have bee told that a South African passport is not sufficient proof of identity?

    • Eplaque dit

      A passport is a valid proof of identity.

  • Marg Lemons dit

    I have inherited a car which is currently in the UK the value is low but sentimental value is high for me , I am resident here in France can I import this vehicle for my own use here ?

    • Eplaque dit

      Sure, it's a bit more complicated since Brexit, but not impossible. You'll find more info on that page: https://www.eplaque.fr/en/france-car-registration

  • Roland Stross dit

    We are intending to buy a classic car which is currently registered in France by the current owners. We have owned a house in France which we have used as a holiday home for 20 years and we also own an adjoining house which has been let for 4 years. We pay tax on this income in France. Could you confirm if on this basis we are able to register this car which would remain in France on the basis that we are not full time residents in France?

    • Eplaque dit

      As far as you are able to provide a valid proof of address (which is the case since you own a property), you will be able to register the car.

  • ALDAHWI dit

    It is good to know that it is valid without time limitation. What about the line reading: Visite avant le 02/02/ 2022 What should I do?

    • Eplaque dit

      This is about the MOT (technical inspection). You must go with the car to a "centre de contrôle technique" for a check. If all is good, you'll get a sticker valid for 2 years.

  • ALDAHWI dit

    Hello, would you kindly advice on how to renew the vehicle registration papers?

    • Eplaque dit

      What do you mean by renewal? Any car registration is valid without time limitation.

  • Arielle Schwimmer dit

    Hello, I received a speeding ticket from the French Police, however I was not in France during time of event. I have documents that I was in Mexico at time of event. Who can i speak to rectify this situation. Someone in France is using my USA license.

  • Steven Worrall dit

    I have ordered my plates will I get notification when it is dispatched and delivered to thé relais point I have tried to log in but I don’t seem able to

    • Eplaque dit

      Unfortunately as a moderator I don't have that information, I guess so but email customer service directly to contact@eplaque.fr to get an accurate and timely response.

  • Pauline D Matthews dit

    Good day, I have been trying for 9 months now to get a duplicate copy of a grey card that is in my uncle’s name. I tried ANTS and it is impossible for me to enter the website as I am not French, do not have a French cellular phone number or address. My lawyer needs the grey card so she can give or sell the car and then close my file and send my inheritance. She is not helping me much and I am doing all the research in how to get this card to her. I will send you more information if you feel you can help me. Sincerely, Pauline Dufresne Matthews

    • Eplaque dit

      It's not possible to get a duplicate copy if the holder is deceased. In that case, you have to request the vehicle identification sheet (Fiche d'identification du véhicule) + declare the loss of the carte grise at a police station (they will give you a receipt). With those documents, you will be able to sell the car or get a new carte grise with your name on it. We can help with all those things, call or email us.

  • peter HUDSON dit


    • Eplaque dit

      It will take a few weeks, at least 6. Calculating the full cost is not possible like this, we need more info. Contact us by email so we can exchange comfortably about the matter.

  • Simone Leevey dit

    We have a uk vehicle in France and need your assistance to register this vehicle in France

    • Eplaque dit

      Sure, call us or send us an email.

  • D Gillan dit

    J'ai besoin d'aide! J'ai acheté un véhicule en février et j'ai récemment réalisé que je n'avais jamais terminé la configuration du véhicule à mon nom ! J'ai tous les documents et je sais que je n'avais que trente jours pour m'inscrire. merci de m'indiquer la marche à suivre pour résoudre ce problème.

    • Eplaque dit

      Vous devez mettre la carte grise à votre nom en effectuant une demande de changement de titulaire. Plus d'infos sur https://www.eplaque.fr/carte-grise/changement-titulaire.html

  • Peter Flower dit

    I am interested in purchasing an English caravan for use in Spain. Both the seller and I are French residents but the caravan has never been registered here and is still on English plates. It has no certificate of conformity (and presumably no other documentation either). Is there a way to get it a registration in France that will allow me to tow it from its current location (in France) to Spain where it will remain? A single journey through France is all that is required. I look forward to your reply Kind regards Peter

    • Eplaque dit

      You can register it. The problem being that since it comes from the UK, it has to get customs clearance + if no COC, you'll have to do an individual vehicle approval (called RTI in France).

  • Michael dit

    I would like to buy a car from France and drive it to another European country. Can you issue temporary plates for this purpose

    • Eplaque dit

      No, because the procedure is that the car keeps its current plates. The owner will give you the "carte grise barrée", (crossed registration certificate), however please note that some countries doesn't allow such cars to drive on their roads. You have to check with the embassy or consulate.

  • Joseph Whelan dit

    Hi, I hope you can help me. The French Embassy in Dublin referred me to you. I purchased a Velo-Solex Moped Reg. No. xx-xxx-xx at Auction in Dublin with no paperwork. Can you obtain details of this bike for me to enable me register it in Ireland. I look forward to hearing from you and also include a note of your charges, Regards, Joseph Whelan xxxxx-xxxxxxxxx

    • Eplaque dit

      We are a private registration company in France. We cannot provide you with this type of information. You should contact the local dedicated service. PS: For confidentiality and security reasons, we have modified your original message.

  • Lisa dit

    Hi I’m trying to order a provisional Ww for a vehicle! But when I go through the process France connect will not let me proceed

    • Eplaque dit

      You can use our service for your request. Telephone: 01 84 80 28 27 Email: contact@eplaque.fr

  • Licul Ilario dit

    I plan to buy used car in USA and bring it to France and register it there. I own property in St. James, Normandy. Can I do that ?

    • Eplaque dit

      Yes, you can do that.

  • Paul Goulding dit

    Good Morning, I have a UK motor bike and a car that have just expired their Uk MOT. Both are with me in France. I would prefer to keep them then sell them in the uk. Please can we discuss the costs involved in registering both in france. Both arrived last year in October before Brexit. I have now received my french residency card, I pay tax in france and I own a property in france. I hope you can help. Thank you

    • Eplaque dit

      We invite you to contact our customer service and ask them your questions. Phone : 01 84 80 28 27 (free service) Email : contact@eplaque.fr

  • Phil Nelson dit

    Will UK citizens be legally able to own French registered vehicles after this year? I have read from 2022 this wont be allowed. Obviously i dont want to spend money on registering a vehicle if , as a UK passport holder, I wont be able to legally own a french registered car after December 2021.

    • Eplaque dit

      Please could you specify your source? Car ownership rights in France are not based on nationality, but residency, driving license ownership (from any country), etc. If you live in France, you have the right to own a car, the opposite would be discriminatory. It's hard to believe such rule would be implemented.

  • Edward Bachmann dit

    Is it feasible to import a US 2007 Honda VLX 600 motorcycle and get a Carte Grise in France?

    • Eplaque dit

      Vehicles that are not certified in Europe must go through a specific procedure (RTI) before being registered. Most of them can get approved, such motorbike doesn't seem like anything special, but we don't have the technical knowledge to guarantee your model would go through.

  • Mme Sarkozi dit

    Nous avons uneJaguar, 19 ans. On voudrait la laisser en France et changer la plaque d’immatriculation. La voiture est enregistree en Angleterre. Pouvez vous nous aider? Merci a l’avance. Mrs Sarkozi

    • Eplaque dit

      Oui, nous offrons un service d'immatriculation pour les véhicules importés. Si la langue ne pose pas problème, ce qui semble être le cas, vous pouvez faire la démarche via cette page : https://www.eplaque.fr/carte-grise/immatriculation-d-un-vehicule-etranger-avec-ww.html . Pour le faire en anglais, contactez-nous par email.