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  1. Car registration cost in France – How to estimate the price in 2023

Car registration cost in France – How to estimate the price in 2023

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import a car from japan to france

Various taxes apply to the registration of a vehicle in France in the SIV system. In fact, there are 5 types of car registration taxes, the total of which is equivalent to the price to pay to obtain your registration certificate. Moreover, extra fees apply to imported vehicles. In this article we would go through every car registration cost in France, so you avoid any bad surprise.

Importing a car: the costs

If you import a car from outside the EU, which includes the United Kingdom since Brexit, you will have to pay import duties and VAT on any car, even if used. Import duties are 10% on the value of the car, VAT 20%. Please note that if you move to France (permanent residency) with your own car, you won’t have to pay those.

If the vehicle doesn’t have a European certificate of conformity, you will have to go through an individual vehicle approval procedure. In France, it is called “réception à titre isolé”. It is performed at the DREAL or DRIRE. RTI costs may vary. In certain instances, the DREAL might request extra tests performed by the UTAC. If the vehicle doesn’t fulfill the European standards, some parts might have to be modified. In the most complicated cases, it means the IVH procedure can cost several thousands euros. That’s why you have to be careful before importing a car in France without an e-COC.

If the document has been lost, a new certificate has to be requested to the manufacturer.

Criteria to take into account when calculating SIV registration fees

Now let’s assume you want to buy a car in France, without the importation hassles. How to evaluate car registration cost in France? On what should you focus to limit those fees? Here are various criteria to consider. To save time, you can calculate accurately your car registration cost in France with this official online calculator (in French).

Type of vehicle (car, motorcycle, trailer, etc.)

The type of vehicle can be identified by checking the field J.1 on the registration certificate. The price of the vehicle registration depends largely on the type of vehicle. Here are the differences observed:

  • A trailer pays one and a half of the unit price of a tax horse imposed by the region
  • A moped is not subject to any registration tax
  • The price of a motorcycle’s tax horsepower is halved since it is not a car. This is the quarter you have to pay if it is over 10 years old
  • Commercial cars as well as agricultural machinery pay the Y2 tax, unlike passenger cars

Tax horsepower

Also called “fiscal power” (puissance fiscale), taxable horsepower is mentioned in field P.6 of the registration document. The more powerful your vehicle, the higher the cost of this tax, called Y1 or regional tax.

Age of the vehicle

If your car is more than 10 years old, you only pay half the unit price of the fiscal horsepower. This discount is not granted anymore for old motorcycles since 2021.

Is the car new or used?

New cars, or imported cars, are subject to emissions tax and weight surcharge tax (see below). Used cars bought in France are exempted, which is good to know.

Carbon dioxide emissions per kilometer: “malus écologique”

In order to encourage the population to purchase clean vehicles, the French state penalizes polluting cars and rewards those called clean. The CO2 tax (malus écologique), based on the rate of carbon dioxide emissions per kilometer, applies only to new vehicles. On the other hand, a bonus is awarded to future owners of new green cars, in addition to a partial or total exemption from the regional tax. The more your vehicle pollutes, the higher the total amount of your registration certificate. Here are the 2023 prices:

C02 emissions (in grams)2022 ecotax (in EUR)2023 ecological tax
> 22640,00050,000

Weight surcharge (malus au poids)

Since 2022, new cars or imported cars weighting more than 1,800 kg must pay some kind of weight surcharge. Its price is €10 per kilo above 1,8 ton. This surcharge is added to the price of the malus écologique (Y3), and share its ceiling amount of €50,000. In other words, if your car is already subject to the maximum emissions tax (226 gr of CO2 emissions or more), it won’t pay a weight surcharge.

Fuel type (clean vehicle or « said to be clean vehicle »)

In France, cleans car can belong to 2 categories:

  • Clean car : 100% electric or hydrogen
  • « Said to be clean cars »: hybrid, ethanol (E85), LPG

Clean cars don’t pay the regional tax nationwide. The others (« said to be clean ») might not pay, it depends on regional policy. Some offers a 100% discount, others 50% or 0%. You will find the discount rate in the table below.

The region where the car owner lives

Where you live also has an impact on the price of your car or motorcycle registration. In fact, each region has its own pricing for fiscal horsepower. The price of the latter varies between 30 € and a bit more than 50 €. The regional tax price is calculated by multiplying this fiscal horsepower price with the fiscal power of the vehicle (in field U1 on the carte grise). As said above, there are exemptions for clean cars.

RegionCV price 2023Discount « said clean vehicle » 2023
Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes43.00 €100%
Bourgogne-Franche-Comté51.00 €0% (-100%)
Bretagne51.00 €50%
Centre-Val de Loire49.80 €50%
Corse27.00 €100%
Grand Est48.00 €0%
Hauts-de-France34.50 € (+1.5 €)50% (-50%)
Île-de-France46.15 €100%
Normandie35.00 €100%
Nouvelle-Aquitaine45.00 € (+4 €)0% (-100%)
Occitanie44.00 €0% (-100% since March 2023)
PACA51.20 €100%
Pays-de-la-Loire51.00 €0% (-100 %)
Guadeloupe41.00 €0%
Guyane42.50 €0%
La Réunion51.00 €0%
Martinique30.00 €0%
Mayotte30.00 €0%

How to request a registration certificate

If you decide to carry out all the procedures for registering your vehicle yourself, you will only have to pay the cost of the vehicle registration document. On the other hand, if you use an approved service provider to request your registration certificate, you must pay service fees related to the services offered by the authorized company.

Since 2017, the ANTS website is the official car registration gateway. Car owners can also choose to deal with an authorized car registration company, such as Eplaque. While the ANTS procedures are in French only, we can assist you with almost any type of request, in English. It’s fast, online, hassle free, with support and help in English:

What are the SIV registration taxes?

There are 5 types of taxes when registering a car in France:

  • Y1 or the regional registration tax: this is the number of fiscal horses of the vehicle multiplied by the unit price of a CV of the region where the owner of the car lives
  • Y2 or vocational training in transport: imposed only on commercial vehicles. It is calculated according to the weight of the car
  • Y3 or the tax on polluting cars: this tax is payable if you buy a NEW car. The amount depends on the rate of CO2 emitted per kilometer
  • Y4 or the management tax: this fixed tax (€11) is intended, as its name suggests, to establish the registration certificate, that is to say its printing by the Imprimerie Nationale
  • Y5 or the charge for the delivery of the vehicle registration document: this is the cost of shipping the registration document to the home of its owner (always €2,76)

The total of these 5 taxes is Y6. It is the latter that you will have to pay to obtain the registration card (carte grise) for your vehicle.

Car registration: France tax calculator

As you can see, calculating car registration fees is pretty complex, error prone and time consuming. That’s why using a French tax calculator to simulate the cost or a car registration is highly recommended. You can use our tool (basic translation by Google Translate) to do so. You simply have to fill in the various forms, and the final price of your carte grise will appear, as accurate as the info provided. It includes everything related to car registration taxes. If your vehicle is subject to import duties, homologation fees, VAT and other items not directly related to the registration, they will have to be paid on top of those costs.

Examples of car registration costs in France in 2023:

Let’s say you want to register a second hand 2016 Audi A1 (1.0 petrol engine, fiscal power 5 CV) and that you live in South of France (PACA region).

  • Y1: 5CV x € 51,2 = €257
  • Y2: 0 (N/A)
  • Y3: 0 (N/A)
  • Y4 : €11 (fixed amount)
  • Y5 : €2.76 (fixed amount)

Total: €270,76

Now let’s say you buy a brand new Citroen that emits 130 gr of CO2 per km, fiscal power 6 CV, and you still live in PACA region:

  • Y1: 6CV x € 51,2 = €307 (after rounding 307,2).
  • Y2: 0 (N/A)
  • Y3: €210
  • Y4 : €11 (fixed amount)
  • Y5 : €2.76 (fixed amount)

Total : €530.76

Une question ? Nous vous répondrons dans les meilleurs délais.

  • Lisani Atasayan dit

    Is there an exemption to malus ecologique depending on the year of the car for the first registration. In other words are classic cara exempt from this tax and which year does this exemption starts? Thanks

    • Joachim dit

      Cars older than 10 years won't pay any malus, since there is a 10% discount per year for imported second hand cars.

  • Maxime dit

    Bonjour, J’habite à Londres et je vais acheter une voiture d’occasion qui aura 2 ans, je vais aller en France et l’offrir à mon petit frère qui habite à Paris, quels sont les démarches qui devra faire ? Changement de plaque etc Quels sont les moyens de pas payer les frais de douanes etc

    • Joachim dit

      Il n'est pas possible d'y couper. Il serait préférable d'acheter la voiture en France et de lui faire signer directement le certificat de cession, cela vous évitera des frais et des complications.

  • MALCOLM dit

    Do you pay a malus tax when importing a 30 year old classic car ?

    • Joachim dit

      No, because the tax is 0 after 10 years (10% discount per year).

  • Joe dit

    I have a Portuguese car and l want to change it to French plates how much will it cost please I have a Dacia Logan MCV 2015 l have applied for my renewal of my carte sejour

    • Joachim dit

      Click on the link in the article to calculate the price, it depends on several factors like the region where you live.

  • Terry Richford dit

    I bought a car in Belgium where I paid no tax because it was under the Belgium agreement with NATO. France is also in agreement with the policy that means that you pay no tax when taking the vehicle to ones own country. French NATO employees don't pay tax when they import their car to France. However when I moved from Belgium to France I had to pay over 8000 euros to register the car. I think that there has been an error but I don't know who to approach for resolution. Kind regards Terry Richford

    • Joachim dit

      Maybe you had to request a "quitus fiscal" instead of applying for a 846A at the customs? I would contact the "service des impôts des entreprises" (corporate tax office, in charge of delivering quitus to individuals and companies) if you didn't until now.

  • stephen smith dit

    Hi I would like to register a mercedes viano 2.2 cdi 2014 co2195 approx value £16000 could you give me some idea , I am a resident in france Dept 49 it would be our personal car thank you in advance

  • Garth Arwynck dit

    Bonjour à tous La France est ma résidence permanente depuis 2010. J'ai une carte de séjour pour 10 ans depuis le Brexit. Lorsque j'ai quitté le Royaume-Uni, j'ai emmené ma voiture avec moi et je l'ai fait immatriculer en France. Ma voiture a un volant à droite et je veux l'échanger contre une voiture d'occasion plus récente, mais je ne peux obtenir le meilleur prix d'échange qu'au Royaume-Uni. Si je l'échange contre une voiture d'occasion plus récente et que je reviens en France avec la voiture plus récente, devrai-je payer des droits et des taxes d'importation étant donné que je vis en France et qu'il s'agit de ma voiture personnelle ? Cordialement Garth Arwynck

    • Joachim dit

      Oui vous devrez payer les droits de douane et de TVA, car il s'agit d'un achat à l'étranger. L'exonération n'est accordée qu'en cas d'installation en France avec un véhicule qui a une carte grise étrangère déjà votre nom depuis au moins 6 mois.

  • Lisani Atasayan dit

    Hi, I am planning to bring a 2021 car from Germany to France which has CO2 emission between 182-206 g/km. When calculating malus ecologique which emission number is taken into account, min, max or average? Thanks.

    • Joachim dit

      You have to take into account the WLTP cycle figure.

  • Eugene Wallace dit

    I have a 1999 integrated Hymer motorhome (3200kg) on irish registration plates. owned since feb 2017 vehicle based on Fiat Ducato 2.5 turbo diesel. Power 85 kW. Horsepower 115 hp (114 bhp). What is the likely cost of registering the vehicle in france. how long would it take. I will be living in france 6 months plus from mid april.

    • Joachim dit

      The price will depend on the features of your vehicle and the region, should be between EUR 500-1000 for individual approval, for the registration itself maybe EUR 200.

  • McPherson, John dit

    Having obtained a partial CoC and qitus fiscal I am about to apply for registration of my UK registered camping car. It is a 2004 model and it’s GVW is 3.5tons. Will I have to pay a weight surcharge?

    • Joachim dit

      No, weight surcharge can only apply on very recent second hand cars (from 2022).

  • Dave Reynolds dit

    Hi Am about to try to register my two UK vehicle owned for several years. Have moved to France permanently. I can get a Certificat of Conformity for my Aston Martin DB7 Vantage online: but for my Indian Chief (2016) I can't make any progress whatsoever! What can I do.>The bike is almost 100% standard. Help!

    • Joachim dit

      If the bike is not 100% standard, you won't get a COC, only a certificate of partial conformity. Therefore you'll have to get an individual approval, called "réception à titre isolé" (RTI) in France, at your DREAL or DRIEE if you live in Ile-de-France.

  • William dit

    Hi, I have found an old car in the UK. It’s left hand drive and a Renault but registered in the UK. I have a house in France but am resident in the uk. Can I import it into France?

    • Joachim dit

      Yes, you can.

  • Alex dit

    Hi! Can you assist with the importing car from Norway? It's outside the EU but in the EEA. Will I pay VAT?

    • Joachim dit

      No, we only offer a car registration service.

  • Patricia dit

    I have bought a 1961 fully restored car into France from Northern Ireland and I understood there would be no tax to pay. I have applied for a 1993 PART. They have come back and said that it is under the 6000km rule (it has done 1500km) and they are going to tax it at 5.50%. I have pointed out that the car is 63 years old. Can you advise me as to how to proceed please.

    • Joachim dit

      From a duties point of view a new car is more than 6 months old AND has a mileage above 6,000 km. Therefore this car is considered as new. Any "new" car imported in France is subject to VAT, whether it comes from outside or inside the EU. However, there are special rules regarding vintage cars (5.5% flat fee, included duties and VAT). We have here the very strange case of a "new vintage car" :) Hence this 5.5% tax to pay for this import.

  • Peter Western dit

    I see that the french decide what the value of the car is for their VAT and customs slug. There is a marked difference in some uk prices. Do the Duanes look at Uk values or French values when determining the market value?

    • Joachim dit

      They look at the value of the car on the local market, so in France. We guess that they might look at foreign appraisal tools if they cannot find a valuation with their local ressources.

  • David Anderson dit

    I am considering buying a cat N damaged car from a friend in the UK and importing the car to france. I am worried that given the price in UK is already so much cheaper and then adding the much lower price for the damaged status, that the french Tax assessment may consider the car "too cheap" and value it accordingly. Is this a possibility?

    • Joachim dit

      Customs have the right to calculate VAT and duties based on market value if the invoice price is considered too low, yes. Just make sure that the damages of the car didn't lead to a "salvage" classification (not sure what the term in the UK is), when an expert must give his green light to confirm a car is not dangerous anymore. Such cars cannot be registered in France.

  • Rosti dit

    I am interested in importing my own car from the US to France. It is a 1995 BMW 540i, 6spd, v8 with 200,000 miles on it. We are moving to Gard department. Current value is not substantial and shipping may be more than current value, but as we love the car wondering what the registration and any other costs may be.

    • Joachim dit

      VAT and duties won't be a big deal as they are calculated on market value. Moreover, you won't have to pay those if you officially relocate to France with a car you have been owning for at least 6 months. The main issue is the approval. For US cars it costs a few thousands euros, depending on the model. There is a workaround to avoid that individual approval procedure, which is the vintage registration. But to be eligible the car must be at least 30 years old.

  • Peter Smith dit

    I live in France and have a French car that I won't to sell its a Renault Koleos reg Jan 2020 can you recommend the best way to sell it ?

    • Joachim dit

      To get the most money, sell it yourself via online classified ads, for example via La Centrale website.

  • James Martin dit

    Hello Joachim, Only me again here with a few more questions. Thank you very much for your answer. Really makes things clearer a bit now. Where will I have to pay the VAT? I guess I will have the car delivered to my home in France without a number plate “registration”, pay the VAT and then get the card grey? Or do I have to do all the above first before importing it/having it delivered in France? Also are there any tax breaks for buying a hybrid rechargeable (Hyundai Tucson) in France if you are buying for a business “auto entrepreneur”?

    • Joachim dit

      You can get the quitus fiscal once the car is in France, I'm not sure if you can "prepay" it while it's being delivered. For sure you'll need that quitus to make the grey card, it has to be request at your "service des impôts des entreprises". You can get a grant, yes, but it depends on many factors. This table, although in French, should help: https://www.primealaconversion.gouv.fr/dboneco/accueil/media/documents/baremes.pdf?v=1666167774

  • James Martin dit

    Hello, Thank you so much for all this helpful information. I am a resident in France now and planning to buy a brand new Hybrid SUV in Spain as the price seems to be favourable than France. It costs €32000. What kind of costs will I encounter to import and register it? Many thanks in advance.

    • Joachim dit

      You'll just have to pay French VAT (20% - EUR 6,400), the standard car registration taxes will apply (no difference whether it's bought locally or from any EU country). Therefore make sure that the Spanish dealer sells you the vehicle without VAT for export, or at least that you can get back Spanish VAT.

  • Richard Lucioni dit

    I am trying to get a quitis fiscal for my Mercedes vito van it appears it might cost more than my can is worth is this possible? Yk60wrc.

    • Joachim dit

      It's hardly conceivable, since VAT is calculated based on the actual value of the car.

  • Scott dit

    I am buying a used Pick-Up from a car dealer in France. The car was originally registered in Romania. Will I be subject to the emissions tax and weight surcharge tax?

    • Joachim dit

      Yes. The calculation method is however specific: it is based on the rate that was applied when the car was first registered abroad. On top of that, you deduct 10% of that rate for each started year. Let's say the pick-up was registered in Jan 2018 in Romania, you'll take the "malus ecologique" rates in force in 2018, calculate the price based on the car emissions, then deduct 50% (10% per year that started).

  • denis thompson dit

    I bought my car in England , 13 years old , 136 HP , 219g / co2 , I live in the Charente region , please how much is my Carte Grise ?

    • Joachim dit

      According to the data provided, car registration taxes would cost € 218.76.

  • denis thompson dit

    I live in Charente region , HP of my car is 136 and is 13 years old ( 2009 emission is 219g / co2 , can you please calculate cost of my Carte Grise

    • Joachim dit

      Do you want to register a second hand car bought in France, or from the UK?

  • Peter dit

    If i buy a used 30,000 mercedes w 50,000 km from an individual in France or Germany and im a permanent resident of France (own home) etc is there ant VAT to pay? Thank you

    • Joachim dit

      No, VAT is due on used cars only if: a) the car is imported from a country outside of EU; b) if a car imported from the EU has a mileage under 6,000 km OR is less than 6 months old.

  • David dit

    Concernant le malus au poids. Est-ce-que payable sur tous importations ou que les véhicule de non- UE pays? Je veut acheter une camionnette en Nederland

    • Joachim dit

      Le malus au poids n'existe que depuis 2022. Il est donc éventuellement redevable pour les véhicules importés dont la première immatriculation date de cette année. Les véhicules d'avant 2022 ne sont pas concernés.

  • Dux dit

    Bonjour. I am trying to request a temporary plate WW for a US import. The website is asking for Contrôle technique de moins de 6 mois et réalisé dans l'UE. Controle technique is not available for a US import at this temporary stage. How do I proceed? Thanks

    • Joachim dit

      You can go to a "centre de contrôle technique" with the US registration certificate and try to pass the test.

  • Bibin Mathew dit

    Hello, I would like to get some advice and possibly your help to register a vehicle in France. When I looked, there are vehicles I like in Italy and Germany. Is it expensive to register if the vehicle is less than 3 years old, power between 130 to 160 HP, Gas emmission between 130 to 140 and I live in the Bourges (18) region of France. Thank you and appreciate your help. Bibin Mathew.

    • Joachim dit

      When registering an imported second hand car, you'll have to pay an "ecological tax" based on C02 emissions. The younger the car and the more CO2, the more expensive. For example, for a 2019 car emitting 140 gr of CO2 (NEDC), this tax will cost EUR 414. The total price of the carte grise will be around EUR 800. If you find the same model in France, you won't have to pay those EUR 414.

  • Amad Ali Sheikh dit

    Hi, I want to export a Electriccar from norway to france. Do we have to pay taxes on that. Are Norway included in Eu? The car worth is around 3000-5000euro. Thanks

    • Joachim dit

      Duties and VAT are paid in the import country. From Norway they are applicable in France, unless the owner moves to France with his own vehicle to settle in the country.

  • John Jackson dit

    I moved to France over 10 years ago and bought a UK car over in 2018 to use here in France, I would like to French register the car, but would I have to pay import duty and VAT

    • Joachim dit

      If our memory doesn't fail, you won't have to pay according to what one reader told us, but we are not sure. Better to double check with customs beforehand.

  • Subhani dit

    Can you please tell me if i purchase car from belgium 2018 audi A5 sports back registred in belgium what will i pay in france to register in france

    • Joachim dit

      That's what the article is about, please consult it to find out about the costs.

  • Debbie Conti dit

    I have just moved from Spain to department 36. How much please to register my 2016 fiat 500 1200l?

  • Ian Rooke dit

    My father in-law is selling his french registered 2006 3.0 v6 Mercedes Viano could you kindly tell me the cost of registration change we have a french property the van will remain there but live in the uk

    • Joachim dit

      It depends on the fiscal power, the region... Kindly use the simulator linked in the article to find out.

  • Sam Peterson dit

    Hi I own a BMW 520d se auto 2017. Purchased in U.K. And reregistered while living in Spain. Due to brexit and my French partner I. Have received French permanent residency. What cost can I expect to reregister the car in France if I use your service. Thanks

    • Joachim dit

      Our fee is EUR 50. On top of that, you'll have to pay registration taxes, to be calculated with the tool we mentioned (based on the specs of your car).

  • C Harrison dit

    1 am trying to evaluate whether it is worth bringing my uk car to France. It is a 2017 Nissan Juke tekna - current uk value of between £7500 - £8500 - please advise what import taxes and vat would now apply. I have French residency.

    • Joachim dit

      If you don't transfer your residency to France in the process, you'll have to pay 30% on market values in duties and VAT. On top, you'll have to pay the individual approval procedure, probably +1000 EUR. You'll have to pay a "bonus écologique", that wouldn't apply on a French second hand car. It's probably better to sell in the UK and buy one in France.

  • Jim Lewis dit

    I have moved to France from the UK and brought my 2006 Mitsubishi Delica (7 seat MPV). How do I find out whether this vehicle has the European Conformity Certificate? How much would it cost for me/an agent to register etc. this vehicle?

    • Joachim dit

      Any vehicle from the UK must go to the DREAL for an RTI. Ask the COC to Mitsubishi, and you will know whether it's available or not. The fee for the registration itself is EUR 50, then the price of the carte grise will depend on the fiscal power of the car.

  • Shweta dit

    I want to buy a new mini cooper in germany since i am getting it cheaper, and i live in France, Since i pay the tax in germany and its in EU, Will i be exempted from paying tax in france ? OR how much i would i need to pay extra

    • Joachim dit

      You will have to pay the VAT in France. It will be deducted in Germany, or you should be able to get it back.

  • Peter dit

    Thinking about buying from Norway a used 2018 Tesla model S 75D for 35,000 euro and bringing it to Antibes France, where we live. Moved here from the US permanently and could have brought our car but heard it was too costly and impossible to register. Any idea of the cost to bring/register an EU approved from Norway 2018 used Tesla Model S 75D. Thank you very much.

    • Joachim dit

      The problem with Norway is that it's outside the EU. You'll have to go through more or less the same hassle (vs bringing yours) if you register this car (pay 30% of duties and VAT, individual approval procedure). It would be better to find such vehicle in Germany, etc.

  • Michel Claesen dit

    Would you be so kind to inform me how much would it be to register a brand new Porsche Macan S 2022 V6 Petrol (GCC specifications)?

    • Eplaque dit

      Apparently this car in sold in UAE, without French specs we cannot check in a decent amount of time, sorry.


    for car registration costs calculation as in your examples, are there additional fees e.g. by Carte Grise

    • Eplaque dit

      Those are the fees to be paid to the tax office, we collect them on their behalf. If you use our services, there will be an additional fee, EUR 30 for registering a French car, for example.

  • David Mailer dit

    dear sir please can you advise what will this car cost me to get it French registered merc c220 cdi v6 2195 cc 2004 estate avantgde se a uk registered w 203 variant auto CO2 Emission1 175 g/km (comb.) Emission Class Euro 4 Emission Label 4 (Green) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Diesel (Particulate Filter) Consumption1 6.6 l/100 km (comb.) 9.3 l/100 km (city) 5.6 l/100 km (country) regards David C J Mailer reply to: charlesdmailer@yahoo.co.uk 00447966828795 tel end........

    • Eplaque dit

      We don't have all the info required to calculate it accurately, but it will be around EUR 220-240 if you live in Paris + homologation costs.

  • Tangen dit

    we are a couple who are moving from norway to france and want to export our own car to france. What do we do and what does it cost?

    • Eplaque dit

      You'll find all the information you need, included a link to calculate the registration tax amount, in this article about registering an imported car. Since you relocate you'll probably won't have to pay import duties and VAT, which is a big saving.

  • Vivian dit

    I have a 2007 Land Rover discovery. It has 190 engine power and 270 CO2 emissions. If I were to bring it over with me when I move to France. how much would it cost me to where I live in France - Charente

  • Max dit

    Hello , i have a Mercedes CLS from 2013, bought in UK and Since i moved to France and it looks like i will become a resident soon how much i will have to pay to register it, i am trying to find somewhere where i can calculate the amount i have to pay for it so i can put french plates on.Thank you.

    • Eplaque dit

      It depends on many criterias. You can use the official tool (in google translate) to calculate registration costs. It does not include homologation costs and other fees (see this article)

  • Maria Daferera dit

    Hello, I have a Mercedes Sprinter from 1996 (!) that runs on gasoline and I want to convert to LPG and also take a mobile home permit where I live now (NL) before I move to France. Now it s a professional car. I work in France now but still online. I didn't read anything on your article about vans used for this purpose. Will I encounter any difficulties because of the age of the car?? It is euro1! Or because of the modifications?( roof window, bed kitchen toilet etc) it is Euro 1! Also, do you have any idea if there is a way to prove I am only using LPG and thus get a greener emissions sticker? Thank you so much in advance!

    • Eplaque dit

      Modifications leading to an individual vehicle approval (IVA) made abroad will have to be made again in France, as foreign IVAs are not accepted. This process will define the right fuel type, so you will get the appropriate Critair sticker once the vehicle is registered.

  • Ian Adamson dit

    Hi, I have a house in Les Essards, France. I will be moving to live in France in May 2022. I want to bring my Ford Transit van which is a 2020 van. I bought it over 6 months ago and paid VAT on it. The total cost was about £28,000 including VAT @ 20%. What costs will I have to pay to customs/import tax? I can't seem to find anybody who can answer my question online. I need to know as it will determine whether or not I bring my Ford Transit Custom with me when I move to France next year. Thank you

    • Eplaque dit

      You will have to pay 20% VAT and 10% import duties. If it was a private car, you would be exempted since you come to settle in France. However, this exemption is not valid for vans. Cost wise and to avoid red tape, it might be a better idea to sell the vehicle in the UK and buy a similar model in France. Because on top of that, you will have to pay extra to get the IAC.