Change car registration address in France: the ultimate guide

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Do you own a vehicle registered in France (car, motorbike, van, etc.) and have just moved? In this case, you have one month to change your car registration address. However, it’s highly recommended to fulfill this legal obligation as soon as possible. In the event of a traffic violation, the fine will be sent to the address on the vehicle registration document. If it is incorrect and your mail is not transferred to your new home, you may not receive the ticket and this could make the situation worse.

How to change the registration address of a car via internet in France?

Since November 2017, the prefectures are no longer responsible to carry out car registration procedures in France. You must therefore do them online, such as the change of address of your carte grise. We can assist you if you want to change the registration address of your vehicle online. All you have to do is key in your registration number in our form to start the procedure. If you are not comfy in French, we can handle your request, in English, by email, without surcharge. Write us now to change the address of your car registration in France!

The info below assumes that you already hold a French car registration certificate. If you want to swap a foreign car certificate, the procedure is different. You’ll find all you need to know on the page registering a car in France.

What documents are needed to change a car registration address in France?

Here is the list of documents to provide us with for a change of address:

  • Copy of the current car registration (gray card or carte grise)
  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of address less than 6 months old
  • Copy of a valid driving license

You’ll also need some official forms, but we’ll provide them to you, prefilled. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about them. You can send those documents electronically or by post. Your request will be handled within 24h, you’ll get your sticker or new registration certificate in the following days.

Important: if your vehicle has an FNI type plate (assigned before April 2009, it ends with 2 numbers), a change of address will automatically trigger the creation of a new registration number for the vehicle. You will therefore receive a new gray card with a new SIV registration (ends with 2 letters). Therefore, you will need to order new license plates. Good news, we also sell such a product.

How do I change the address of my car registration for a plate number ending with 2 digits?

If you have an old French license plate, i.e. following the 1111 AA 01 structure, your move means that you’ll get assigned a new SIV type registration. You will receive a new gray card and you will have to change your plates. Please note that it also applies if you own a vintage car with a very old plate number. There is no way to avoid that, unfortunately.

Change of address for an AA 111 AA type plate

Until the 3rd change of address, you will simply receive a sticker to stick on your French car registration certificate. If you move a 4th time, you will receive a new carte grise.

How long do I have to change the address on my gray card after moving?

Legally, you have one month following your move to change the address on your vehicle registration document. If you have exceeded this deadline, your request will be processed without penalty. However, if the police stops you and the change of address does not appear on your French car registration certificate, you will be fined €135. The amount can be increased up to €750 if it is not paid on time.

It is therefore important to make the change of address on your vehicle registration certificate in a timely fashion. If you get caught by a speed camera or get a ticket, it will be sent to your old home. You will therefore not be informed immediately of this fine and it will reach you, but much later, and with a much higher price tag. You won’t be able to pay the original amount, since all of this is your fault.

How will I receive my new gray card following my change of address?

Depending on the case, you will receive your new car registration certificate or a sticker to stick, by post, in a secure envelope from the Imprimerie Nationale. Here are the different possible outcomes:

Your vehicle is still registered in the old system (FNI)

Does your vehicle have a number plate ending with 2 digits (assigned before April 2009)? When changing your gray card address, you will be required to also change your registration number for the current SIV system. You don’t have to do anything special, it’s automatic. A new gray card in the new SIV format will be sent to you directly by post, by registered mail.

You have a registration card in the new format (SIV)

If you already have a gray card in SIV format, you will receive a sticker that you will have to put on your registration certificate, on the area provided for this purpose. It will be sent to the new mailing address.

Fourth change of address on a gray card in France

During the first three changes of address of your gray card, you will receive sticker directly in your mailbox. On the other hand, from the fourth change of address, you will receive a new car registration certificate (same number).

Your address changes, but you haven’t moved: what to do?

You haven’t moved, but the name of your street or your town has changed? If so, it is still mandatory to update your home address on your vehicle registration certificate. Street name modifications can impact the address of your home, or the merging of municipalities.

Even if this change is out of your will, you have the obligation to change your car registration address. This modification must be carried out within the following month.

How much does a gray card change of address cost? Is it free?

The price of a change of address of a car registration depends on the actual registration format of the vehicle + the number of requests already made:

  • If your vehicle is registered in the new SIV system: the process of changing your address on your vehicle registration document is completely tax free. However, if you make a change for the fourth time, you will have to pay the routing fee which amounts to €2.76. Processing fees will have to be paid on top
  • If your vehicle is registered in FNI format: your change of address request will automatically result in the issuance of a new gray card (compliant with the SIV system). Tax-wise, this also costs €2.76, but you’ll have to buy a new set of plates.

Why is it important to change the gray card address after a move?

After moving, changing the address on your car registration document is a legal obligation. If you do not comply with it, you may be fined. Indeed, if your address is not known to the authorities, speeding tickets recorded by mobile or fixed speed cameras will be sent to the last known address, i.e., your old address.

Not doing it on time is taking a risk with serious consequences. Without knowing it, you may have been fined. By the time you receive your fine(s), they will most likely be increased and impossible to dispute. The increased price can range from 375 to 750 €. When a fine is returned to the sender because of a wrong address, the authorities take care of finding your new address. It usually takes 3-6 months. You cannot invoke your forgetfulness to pay the original price: you were late, it’s your mistake, you’ll have to pay. Changing the address of your car certificate, after a move, must be one of your priorities to avoid this hassle.

Do I need a valid technical inspection (MOT) to request a change of address on my car registration?

No. Article R. 322-7 of the Highway Code states that « Any owner of a vehicle subject to registration must, within one month following the change of domicile, registered office or establishment of assignment or available to the vehicle, send a declaration electronically to the Minister of the Interior informing him of this change.« 

Article 15.A of the decree of February 9, 2009 relating to vehicle registration procedures does not provide for any provision relating to the presentation of proof of technical inspection to carry out a change of address. Also, unlike the change of owner, the owner of a vehicle whose technical inspection is no longer valid can change their address.

Does an encumbrance (OTCI) prevent from changing the car registration address?

No. In a ruling, an administrative judge considered that the existence of an OTCI (following an increased fixed fine or a damaged vehicle procedure, cf. title V) does not prohibit « the modification of the change of address of the holder of the certificate which must be carried out pursuant to Article R. 322-7 of the aforementioned Highway Code, in particular with a view to guaranteeing the continuity of the sending of postal correspondence relating to the driving license and the vehicle » (TA Montpellier, September 22, 2009, no. 0802811). The existence of an OTCI is therefore not blocking an address update on a car registration certificate.


Which Cerfa form should I fill for a modification of the car registration address?

You must use the Cerfa 13750 07 form (car registration request) and tick the “Changement d’adresse” box to update your gray card following a move.

Should I change my gray card if you move to another address in the same department?

Yes, you must update the address, otherwise the fines will not reach you. You also risk a fine in the police stops you on the road.

What if the main holder of the registration certificate is merely a person holding a valid driving license designated by the real owner in case of a change of address?

Article R. 322-7 of the Highway Code and Article 15 of the Order of February 9, 2009 relating to vehicle registration procedures, states that the main holder of the registration certificate must declare his change of address. This obligation also applies when the main holder of the registration certificate has been designated by the owner of the vehicle who does not hold a valid driving licence.

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