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  1. Registering a car in France

Registering a car in France

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registering a car in france

Do you want to register a car in France? Lost in translation when trying to make the procedure on the ANTS website? Eplaque is a fully licensed car registration operator in France. We mainly help locals to circumvent the red tape by making the procedure fast and efficient. But we also offer our services in English to foreigners living in France. For registering a car in France seamlessly, see below (taking a car to France, buying one here). Or continue reading to find out about how to register a car in France, online or offline.

How to register your car in France with Eplaque

We have an automated tool in French to take care of almost any car registration certificate operation. For example:

  • Ownership transfer
  • Registration of a foreign car
  • Transfer of an inherited car
  • Change of car registration address
  • Copy of a lost, stolen or damaged French registration certificate
  • Sell declaration
  • Etc.

You can eventually use it, with the help of Google Translate it’s feasible. However, we also propose you a direct way of handling any kind of request, by email, all in English. It works like this:

  1. You write us to explain what kind of operation you are interested in, such as registering your UK car in France, transfer the ownership of a French car, etc.
  2. We will provide you with a list of required documents, and a way to pay the fees
  3. You provide us with all the paperwork and pay
  4. We handle your request
  5. You get your French car certificate at home, via registered mail

To go for this way, simply click on the button below:

Register a French car: the basics

The French car registration system was overhauled in 2009. Before that, the procedures were done in person at the prefecture. Since then, the procedure can only done online via the ANTS website. However, the system has also been semi-privatized. Authorized car registration agents can collect documents & taxes and submit applications. Some have offices, others like us offer streamlined online procedures.

Of course, using an agent induces an extra fee. However, it is often worth the investment given the complexity of the official channel, its lack of timely support, etc. That’s why private agents are very popular, among foreigners but also locals.

In France, a registration follow the car during its whole lifecycle. When a vehicle is sold, the car plate number is transferred to the new owner.

List of documents needed for registering a French car:

If you bought your car in France, the registration process is fairly simple, at least with us. When you buy a French car you must ensure you get from the seller the following documents for registering a car in France:

  • Carte grise barrée (crossed registration certificate, at the name of the seller unless it’s a company)
  • French MOT certificate (contrôle technique), that cannot be older than 6 months, or 2 months old in case of partial failure (contre-visite)
  • Certificat de situation administrative (certificate that ensures that the vehicle is clean, e.g. not stolen, no unpaid tickets, no encumbrance, etc.) not older than 2 weeks
  • Certificat de cession (an official form that must be filled in by the seller, signed by you and will be used to register the car)

You will have to provide us with all those documents, plus the following :

  • Proof of identity: usually the driving licence, since you must on the proper driving license to register a car. Foreigners ID card and driving licence are allowed.
  • Proof of address: utility bill, rental contract, property deed…
  • And finally, proof of insurance

Foreign car registration : taking a car to France

If you want to register an imported vehicle, things get more complicated. First, we have to distinguish a car taken to France from the European Union and from the rest of the world. Second, we must determine whether the car has a European certificate of conformity or not.

Register a car taken in France, imported from the European Union

If you import a car from the EU, you have to provide two additional documents to register the car :

  • COC (certificate of conformity) : if you don’t have it, you must request it to the manufacturer. If not available, you must get an RTI instead (see next paragraph)
  • Quitus fiscal : this tax clearance certificate attests that VAT is cleared. There is no VAT to pay to import a used vehicle from the EU, therefore the certificate can be obtained for free at your tax office (the procedure might be online or by mail only).

How to register a UK car in France or from any other non-EU country

If the car doesn’t come from the European Union, for example the UK, Switzerland or Russia, the procedure gets even more complex. You’ll have to get :

  • 846A certificate : this document is issued by French customs. Unless you relocate to France with your own car, you will have to pay 20% VAT and 10% duties to get it. Vintage cars (more than 30 years old, not modified and not manufactured anymore) are eligible to a special flat rate of 6 % (VAT + duties)
  • Réception à titre isolé (RTI) : without COC, taking a UK car to France implies getting an individual approval to get its registration sorted. This procedure is done at a special regional facility called DREAL (outside of Paris) or DRIRE (Paris area).

What’s the cost of registering a car in France ?

It’s impossible to answer precisely this question. Car registration costs depend on many factors, such as :

  • Imported car or not ? From the EU ?
  • Engine power
  • In which region the owner lives
  • How old the car is

For clean vehicles, it can be free. For muscle cars it can cost a few thousands euros. You can simulate the price (in French) with this tool.

If you register an imported car, you also might have to pay VAT and/or duties (form 846A from the customs). If you move to France with your foreign car, in most cases you will be exempted of VAT and duties. Imported cars up to 10 years old are subject to the « malus écologique », a special tax based on CO2 emissions.

If the car does not have a European certificate of conformity, you will also have to pass a conformity check at the DREAL or DRIRE. If some elements don’t comply with European rules, you might have to make some modifications to the car. Those certification costs can range from a few hundred euros to a few thousands.

For all those reasons, it is highly recommended to assess properly the financial cost of importing a car before doing so. Indeed, it might be more economical to sell that car in your country and buy another one that is already registered in France.

Registering a classic car in France

In France, a classic car can be registered as any other car. The owner, however, can choose to request the mention « collection » on the « carte grise ». This gives valuable privileges to the vehicle, such as :

  • Exemption of the rules regarding low-emission zones in Paris and other big cities
  • MOT every 5 years instead of 2
  • Authorization to use black vintage plates

If you do want such special vintage registration, you’ll have to get an « attestation de datation et de caractéristiques » from the FFVE (Old-timers French Federation). In order to be eligible, the vehicle must :

  • Be at least 30 years old
  • Not be produced anymore
  • Be in its original state, substantial modifications are not allowed (e.g. retrofitting)

More info in our article about importing a classic car in France.


Can a car be registered in UK and France?


Can I drive in France a car registered in the UK or somewhere else?

If your main residence is not in France, yes. However the car cannot stay more than one year on the French territory without leaving it.

What car documents to take to France?

You need all the documents that are required in your country (registration certificate, MOT, proof of insurance valid in France, driving license).

Can I register a car in France on a foreign address?

No, you must provide a French proof of address for your registration to be accepted.

Can I take a hire car to France?

Sure, foreign hire cars can be used in France if the company allows cross border usage.

Can you take a dog to France by car?

Yes, but 3 things are required: a EU animal health certificate, a microchip and a valid rabies vaccination.

What do you need to take your car to France?

Can I take my car to France? Yes. What do you need so that it’s legal? A valid insurance.

What food can i take to France in my car?

Anything but meat or dairy products, or products containing those.  You can bring a limited quantity of fruit and vegetables as well as eggs, egg products and honey. Restricted quantities of fish or fish products are also allowed. Weight can never exceeds 2 kg.

Une question ? Nous vous répondrons dans les meilleurs délais.

  • Marie Tomlinson dit

    I need to register my car , we have bought a house and it is week 3 of our arrival, can you help

    • Joachim dit

      Yes, but we can only handle the paperwork to register the car, we cannot assist in getting it.

  • Alex dit

    Good morning, Please let me know if you can assist me in registering my vehicle BMW 440 2018 in France. The vehicle was purchased in Germany in 2019 and currently has expired German transit plates on it. Thanks Alex

    • Joachim dit

      We can help, provided that you have gathered all the required paperwork (mainly the "quitus fiscal" and the COC).

  • Jim Darragh dit

    I am a UK resident with a French second home, can I buy, register and insure a car I buy in france? Can you assist?

    • Joachim dit

      Yes, this is legal, as confirmed last year by the Ministry of Interior. We will be glad to assist you. Just bear in mind that you won't be allowed to drive that car in the UK though.

  • Robert dit

    Hi I have owned a house in France since 2003, became resident in 2020 managed to register my 13 yr old mercedes to which i had a coc for but still had to go to dreal and pay them. This was done through my insurance broker. The problem i have is i am not allowed to tow my trailers anymore. One is a bateson transporter for my classic car, classic car being the next issue. gross wt 2600 kgs year 1996 certificates of conformity were only available from 2013. the manufactures have sent me the trailer specification sheet which they say is sufficient to register it in France. The trailer has been in France since 2017. My other trailer is a 2200 kgs gross. 4 wheel box trailer Conway trailers ltd I purchase this trailer around 1995 so no coc either. This has also been in France for several years. Can you help on these matters please.

    • Joachim dit

      We can handle the paperwork, but we are not involved in getting the required documents such as 846A or RTI from the Dreal (individual approval if no COC).

  • Cat Amato dit

    My car is registered in France, but I did not realise I needed to be a resident. I used the address of my maison secondaire to buy the car. No one informed me that this was not possible. I think i must import the car to U.K., but I don’t know how to tell ANTS that the car needs to be unregistered. I do not have an ANTS account as I do not pay tax in France. What should I do?

    • Joachim dit

      You actually don't have to be a resident to register a car. It has been confirmed officially last year by the ministry of Interior. You can anyway register the transfer ownership to yourself in the UK, no worries. As a registered agent we can do it for you in English.

  • Jacob dit

    Hello, I am from the UK, I was granted french residency last year, and unfortunately I listened to what I believe is bad advice regarding my vehicle. I work a few times a year in the UK, and I return at least twice a year with my vehicle, which is registered at my parents address, they are also named drivers. The vehicle looks like a motorhome, but the DVLA rejected my application, and it is still classed as PHGV, Specialized, mobile unit. Inside there is a bed + furniture+ kitchen, and also an office space. The vehicle weighs 5.5T. my driving licence has not yet expired. I was told that while I still have the UK licence, and as long as the vehicle was insured and passed MOT, that I could still keep it in France, until the time my licence expires....this may not be true... I am very concerned about doing something wrong, please can you advise best for this situation. Thank you

    • Joachim dit

      If your main residence is in France, you are supposed to register your vehicle here (law says you have 1 month to do so). If the police stops you and notice that your main residence is in France, they will force you to register it in France. If your main address is still in the UK, there is no problem, you can use it in France.

  • Karen Davies dit

    Hello, Could you let me know how to register an English trailer (more than 500kg) in France please? My main residence is in France. Many thanks.

    • Joachim dit

      It's the same procedure as the standard one described on the page, except this difference: since trailers are not registered in the UK, you'll have to provide some kind of proof of ownership (e.g. the invoice of the trailer).

  • Marian dit

    Hello, I move to France from The Netherlands and I want to register my the car in France. I went through your order form online and it askes me to pay already around 200 euro. Are these all the money involved or are there other fees? I was also expecting that we will check together the docs before paying. How can I reach out and speak by phone to someone in english? Thank you!

    • Joachim dit

      This price includes the taxes that we collect on behalf of the authorities, and our fee. We can do the procedure outside the online automated system, in English. To do so, you can email us at contact@eplaque.fr, or call us : 01 84 80 28 27

  • William dit

    I have a house in France but am resident in the UK. I want to have a little car to keep in France. They say second hand cars are cheaper in the UK. Especially left hand drive ones. Would it make sense to buy a car in the UK and export it? A Peugeot 206 from 2005 for instance?

    • Joachim dit

      No, because you will have to pay duties and VAT (30%) + do an individual approval. Unless cars are half price in the UK, which is hard to believe... it would end up being more expensive, and on top you'll get extra red tape hassle associated with the registration of a car coming from outside the EU.

  • Yamuna Mundade dit

    I am an Indian expat living in France under a Swiss carte de legitimation and I have a residence in France. I am holder of an Indian driving license. I have an old car registered in France, which I am in the process of selling and am buying a new car in its place. I need to undertake French registration for the new car. Please email me, or I can be reached on +41794403171

    • Joachim dit

      We can take care of the registration, just email us the documents at contact@eplaque.fr once you are ready, or to ask any question.

  • Amy EMANUEL dit

    I have been living in France but now I need to move outside France but plan to keep my home as a vacation home and would also like to keep my car (registered and purchased in France). I started the process to obtain a French license but now that I am leaving, is it possible to have an insurance policy that does not require a French license since I will not be living full time in France?

    • Joachim dit

      You got your insurance with a foreign driving license, right? Therefore there is no reason the insurance company would require a French license, especially if you don't fulfill the conditions in which you must, by law, exchange your foreign license with a French one.

  • Heidi dit

    I am a US expat living in Germany and have a EU spec vehicle. I am retiring next year and moving to France. Can I register my vehicle before I leave Germany as long as I have a rental contract in France? Because of my situation I will have temp (German) plates which are only good for 4 weeks.

    • Joachim dit

      As far as you have a proof of address such as a rental contract, you should be able to register a car in France.

  • Nick Finding dit

    Thank you Joachim for the quick response....and good to hear that I was correct to believe it was possible, but it is annoying of course that some officials might not be aware of what they are supposed to approve! Can you confirm to me what happens if the application through you is rejected, would we get our money back please? Also if I use your French tool to start the application, which option do I select because I do not see one that specifically says for importing a vehicle?

    • Joachim dit

      We would refund you the taxes, but not the service fees as we would have spent time to deal with your file anyway. You can send us an email for processing in English. If you want to use the tool, choose "Changement de titulaire" (ownership transfer), then "Etranger" (foreign car).

  • Nick Finding dit

    I have all the documents required to apply for a carte grise and re register my Toyota Hilux in France, including the 846A on which I have paid the necessary VAT, but I have recently been advised that because I am not a French resident ANTS is refusing to accept my application. I have had a second home in France for 14 years, I pay French property taxes, but I can not apply via French Connection myself because I do not have a social security number, so are you able to help please?

    • Joachim dit

      This has been recently clarified by French authorities, you can register a car. We can therefore process your application, however we might end up hitting the red tape wall at the end, as sometimes the administration is not well aware of their own rules :) In that case we won't be able to help further, as they have the last word.

  • Pauline Whitaker dit

    You sorted a temporary registration for my car which came from Italy What documents do you need to make this temporary French registration permanent

    • Joachim dit

      Maybe the certificate of conformity, if you didn't provide it.

  • Antonio G. dit

    Hi. I am planing to take my Portuguese registered car to France. I live in Portugal and it is where I have my home address. My wife lives in France and I would like to have the car there without registering it again. I'm planing to leave the car there for a couple of years (parked at the airport when I'm in Portugal), but I'm also planing to go some weeks abroad in the summer back to Portugal and return to France in the end of summer. Is it possible to do this, knowing the car will stay many years there, but less than one year in a row?

    • Joachim dit

      As far as you keep your main address in Portugal and don't stay more than 12 months in a row in the country, you comply with laws.

  • Sloman dit

    I arrived in France in June 2021 with my car. I did not declare it at French customs and am now looking into declaring it at my local customs office so I can begin the process of registering it in France. Given that I have been in France for over 12 months with my car, will there be any customs fees to be paid? I had owned my car for over 6 months when i arrived in France. many thanks, Vicky.

    • Joachim dit

      The fees should be waived.

  • Sha Buyss dit

    Dear Joachim, I am replying to your response dated 15 Sept 22 for which I thank you. When I brought my motorcycle from the UK to France, I simply rode it without declaring that I wanted to import it. Now I have decided I want to keep it here in France. I bought the bike in 2011 when it was already 25 years old. It has a very low market value. How would Customs fees and VAT be calculated so long after purchase and how would I obtain the form when I and the bike are already in France? Is that something you can help me with?

    • Joachim dit

      Customs use tools such as the Argus, which provide an estimate of the market value of a vehicle. It should still be possible to get the 846A, contact your nearby customs office for assistance.

  • Sha Buyss dit

    I am a UK citizen, but now living in France with a Residency Permit. I have brought my 1986 model (36 years old) BMW motorcycle to France and need to register it in France so I can obtain French insurance for it. I have the registration document and a new MoT. How do you recommend I go about getting French registration and can you assist me in this?

    • Joachim dit

      It would be easier to get the "collection" status by getting an "attestation de datation et de caractéristiques" through the FFVE. This will simplify the process, as with this "vintage certificate" individual approval shouldn't be necessary. Don't forget that you also need a 846A certificate from the customs. We can assist you once you collect all the required paperwork.

  • Trevor ROBERTS dit

    French resident. Have bought a 1979 Fiat 124 Spider at auction in the UK…(left-hand drive) It has been UK registered since 2015,but was a U.S. registered vehicle beforehand…Am yet to travel to UK to collect ,but am becoming aware of increasing number of forms/paperwork etc. that will be required. Can you advise as to what I must NOT forget before even bringing the vehicle to France and attempting to register it…? Am very likely to need your service once have collected…

    • Joachim dit

      Before importing the car there is not much you can do. Once the car arrives in France, you must get the 846A certificate. We then advise you to request a "certificat de datation et de caractéristiques" from the FFVE. This will allow you to get the "vintage" classification (collection). Not only you'll benefit from many advantages (MOT every 5 years instead of 2, exemptions of many LEZ rules...), but it will simplify the approval process since the document they will give you can replace the individual approval procedure (RTI).

  • Alex dit

    I am uk passport holder living in Portugal but wish to buy a uk registered car and register it in France under my daughter’s name. My daughter is a French citizen and lives and works in France . Will this be easy to do using your service?

    • Joachim dit

      It will be easy for us, but, bear in mind that from your side: 1. The invoice of the car will have to be on the name of your daughter, 2. Since the car is from the UK, it will require an individual approval (RTI) and a 846A certificate from the customs to be registered, 3. You can be mentioned as co-owner on the registration certificate without having an address in France, but only if you provide a European ID document (so from Portugal, if you have such).

  • Amanda dit

    We are South African residents. We want to buy, register and insure a motorhome in France to travel in from time to to time (and store in France during periods we do not use it). Will we be allowed to do it? Will your company be able to assist?Please advise.

    • Joachim dit

      From a strict legal point of view, you should be resident to register a car in France. However, in reality it is possible to register a vehicle if you are able to provide a proof of address without risking much (many do). If you don't have something like a second residence in France, it is therefore not possible.

  • Malcolm Smith dit

    Dear Sir/Madam, I have imported my Triumph Thruxton 900 (2006) into France from the UK. I will be issued a Form from the Customs, confirming that I have No Import Duties or Tax to pay on the vehicle, as I am a Resident. I have the Original UK Registration Certificate and a current Vehicle Test Certificate. I also have the Manufacturer's Certificate of Conformity. I will use your Service, but will I require any further documentation. Thank you for your help in advance. Yours faithfully. Malcolm Smith

    • Joachim dit

      For a vehicle coming from the UK, you'll also need an individual approval (RTI, "réception à titre isolé"), to be made at the DREAL of your region.

  • Fiil dit

    Hello, I have bought a french car from a autodealer. The french car with plates will be registrered in my name. I have 2.resident in France. If I want to export this car to Denmark in EU, what do I need to do to unregister the car /plates in France? can you help?and at what price?

    • Joachim dit

      There is no "unregistration" in France. When you export a car, you simply fill a "certificat de cession", the same way you would if you sell the car, then declare the sale so that the administration knows you don't own the vehicle anymore. The car is then exported with its current plates until it's registered abroad. We can register the sale for you, the fee is EUR 20.

  • Yngve dit

    Dear Joachim, Thanks for your uplifting message on the 29th of August: "If your main residence is not in France, there is no obligation to register the car. You can drive up to 1 year without leaving France with foreign plates according to the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic". I have tried to look, but I can't find article(s) in the Vienna Convention for Road Traffic that deals with this issue. Could you please point me in the right direction in this document?

    • Joachim dit

      Page 3 of the document says: "A vehicle is said to be "in international traffic" in the territory of a State if: (i) It is owned by a natural or legal person normally resident outside that State;... provided, however, that a Contracting Party may refuse to regard as being "in international traffic" a vehicle which has remained in its territory for more than one year without a substantial interruption, the duration of which may be fixed by that Contracting Party."

  • Crystal dit

    Hi, Please can you advise whether you are able to assist with re-registering a Swiss registered car in France? Thanks Crystal

    • Joachim dit

      Yes we can handle the registration if you have collected all the required paperwork (846A, RTI, etc.).

  • Jeremy Balkin dit

    Hi , My elderly uncle who lives in Paris imported a 2004 Ford Thunderbird a while back but never got it registered. We would like assistance in getting the car registered and understand the costs associated with this . Please advise . Thanks Jeremy

    • Joachim dit

      Car registration costs depend on many criteria. Please use this page in google translate to calculate them accurately : https://www.eplaque.fr/carte-grise/prix-carte-grise.html

  • Yngve dit

    My wife and me are spending 11 months in France, for our research stay. We live in Norway and are employed by our Norwegian university during our stay. We have brought our Norwegian registered car to France. Are you familiar with a way that the car can stay with Norwegian licence plates, i.e. are there any exceptions to the "6-months rule"? It doesn't seem very logical to change to French licence plates now and back to Norwegian plates in the autumn of 2023.

    • Joachim dit

      If your main residence is not in France, there is no obligation to register the car. You can drive up to 1 year without leaving France with foreign plates according to the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic.

  • H Sexton dit

    Hello i have a French registered vehicle which i have had from new (2019) and have a carte grise in my name. The first three years 'ownership' was via a lease agreement and i have now paid the balance and own the vehicle outright. I have a certificate of cessation provided by the finance company. My question, do i need to pay extra taxes plus the fee when i update the ANTS system? Thank you

    • Joachim dit

      Yes, unfortunately you have to pay the standard taxes due in case of ownership transfer, even if this so called transfer is debatable.

  • Roy dit

    I have bought a car in the U.K. and taken it to France, However it was originally bought new in France and had French registration although now on U.K. plates, does this mean I still have to pay tax and Vat as these have been paid when the car was first registered in France?

    • Joachim dit

      We didn't find anything suggesting those vehicles are exempted, it would however be wise to double check with customs.

  • Diana Stuart dit

    I have a second home in France with a car registered to that address. I have a UK driving licence. Is this legal?

    • Joachim dit

      About registering a car as a non resident, it's a bit of a grey area. Some law says you must be a permanent resident, but the car registration law does not check for that, you just need to have a legal address established by a proof of address. Another law say that a car staying a year in the country must have French plate, irrespective of the residency status... Many foreigners like you therefore own a French registered car, we never heard of someone getting in trouble for that.

  • Simon Spinks dit

    Bonjour! I have a renovated 1955 Morris Traveller which I want to give to my niece who lives down in the Loire Valley. It has a reconditioned A series engine (block for later Morris Minors) which is 1310 cc as opposed to the old feeble 958 cc. It also has disc brakes on the front wheels and a five speed Morris Marina gearbox. Is it possible to register this type of car in France, bearing in mind the upgrades? Although the car was built in 1955 in the U.K. as shown on the chassis plate the UK registration certificate (V5C) lists the date of first registration in the U.K. as 01/04/1981. Unfortunately I have been unable to find out why. It may have spent some time abroad, but there is no documentary evidence of this or signs of foreign use on the car? Kind Regards Simon Spinks, Dorking, Surrey, England.

    • Joachim dit

      It could be registered, but probably not with the special vintage status ("collection") given the modifications made to the braking system and the engine. You can however double check with the FFVE, as they decide. About the registration itself, you will have to get an individual approval (RTI) at the Dreal + prove that you are indeed the legit owner of the vehicle.

  • Beth dit

    We (Irish citizens) bought a used car privately in France for our use when we are in our holiday house. We have all our paper work but in order to get a carte grise we have to sign up with ANTS—which making us get a France Connect account first. We specifically got a cell phone number from Orange for this purpose. But website does not seem to be accepting the mobile number. What do we do now?

    • Joachim dit

      You can ask anybody with a France Connect account to do it for you, if you don't manage to create your own. The other alternative is to use our service, we can assist in English.

  • Molyneaux David dit

    I have a car that was involved in an accident in England prior to Brexit, I live in france and have done so since 2010. The car was still drivable so I returned with it to france. Due to the accident, also mechanical problems, parked car and purchased another car. The original car has now been mechanically repaired at a cost of 4,000 euros over a number of years. This car has now passed the control technique and I wish to register it in France is this going to cause me any problems? I should add the car is a luxury model from 1998.

    • Joachim dit

      We don't see any issue if the UK car registration certificate is valid (e.g. no mention such as salvage).

  • Michael dit

    I want to buy a car in france that is still registered on English licence plates. I understand I will need to obtain a certificat 846 a. will this proof problematic as the log book is in the sellers name? also what documents will I need to produce to obtain the 846a?

    • Joachim dit

      Who is the seller, the owner or a dealer?

  • Kim dit

    Is it legal to buy a French camping car with a SC? If so, is it then legal to drive it in the UK, as UK residents?

    • Joachim dit

      Could you clarify what you mean by "SC"?

  • Olivia dit

    I am an irish resident who bought a car from a friend in Andorra. I want to leave the car in France for when I visit however I don't have residency but I do have a boat there permanently, is it possible for me to get insurance on this vehicle using the port address where my boat is.

    • Joachim dit

      In principle, yes, by getting a proof from the port authority + a utility bill or phone bill to that address.

  • Yaël dit

    Hello .I plan to buy a car tomorrow in France . I would be happy to use your services to do so and would like to figure out the possibilities and costs. I have a few ways to do it but I don't know which is possible , most economical and simple , and what wil it require . First - I am a UK citizen but don't have a formal address in the UK which is linked to my passport . I do can provide an address where my sister lives but can not proof it to be linked to my name . Second option - Willbe to register the car directly on my cousin's name who is an Italian citizen and also might be the best as the car will stay long time on Italy . He has a registered address . But he could not physically come to help on the process . Third - to register it on my friend in Switzerland, but I understood that involves changing plates . Would be happy for your kind replay and assistance . Thank you

    • Joachim dit

      To register a car in France you must provide a proof of address in the country (utility bill, rental contract, title deed...). It is not possible to provide a foreign address.

  • Paul Lovegrove dit

    We have two UK-registered vehicles which we brought to France in March and April 2019 - we have one-way ferry tickets to evidence this. We also have the relevant CoC's (controle technique obtained for one vehicle and underway for the other) and I believe we should be able to obtain the necessary Quitus Fiscale for each one (because of ongoing family health issues back in the UK, and the Covid emergency, both vehicles have remained pretty much unused since their arrival). I am not especially concerned with the departmental registration/pollution charges since they are beyond my control and must be in paid. So my question to you is, what would your charges be for uploading and managing the various documents to ANTS and obtaining a carte grise? If you need further information or documentation please let me know.

    • Joachim dit

      First, you might have to get 846A certificates for those vehicles if you didn't cancel their registration before Brexit. A British reader explained us a while ago that, like you, he brought 2 cars prior Brexit. The one that had its registration cancelled could get the quitus, the other one had to get a 846A. We are not sure whether its a rule enforced everywhere, but it might be the case. About handling the registration, our rate is EUR 50 per vehicle.

  • Franz dit

    Hello, I moved from Germany and want to register my car. The car is already on my name and I don't see a option for this on you're site. What do I have to select?

    • Joachim dit

      You have to choose "Changement de titulaire" then "Etranger". The fact that you are the owner doesn't matter much, there is no specific procedure for that. If you have further troubles, you can email us to process your request in English, outside of the automated system.

  • Catling dit

    Hi I brought my car with me last June 2021 it broke as soon as we got here, and I have only now got it fixed will I be able to register it now it’s roadworthy as never registered it when we arrived as was stored in barn until it was fixed last week ? Regards mr Catling

    • Eplaque dit

      As far as you have the required documents to register the car, you can proceed.

  • Vucko dit

    Hello, thank you for writing such a detailed post! We moved to France recently, my partner is from Ukraine and has her car from Ukraine. She has a job in France, so she has a proof of address and billing. She would like to register her car (2019 Honda), which has Ukrainian plates now. Do you think she can be exempted from paying VAT? Would you be able to assist us with this? I look forward to your assistance. Thank you! VS

    • Eplaque dit

      If she relocated and has been owning the car for at least 6 months, she will be exempted. This will be determined by the French customs while delivering her 846A document. We cannot assist in getting it, we just deal with the registration.

  • Crowther dit

    Hello, I am trying to register my car but am being told that as a nonEuropean I must be a resident in France? Is this correct? Thx you

    • Eplaque dit

      Yes, although technically it's not completely true. The only requirement is to be able to provide a proof of address. That's why foreigners with a second home in France manage to register a car in France.

  • Henton dit

    Hello I have been trying to register my car via the ants website accessing Franceconnect via la Poste L’Identité Numérique. Unfortunately it is giving me an error code and I think today is my last day for registration. Are you able to assist me in completing the registration today. I am happy to do so online and have all of the information I need, but I wondered what the charge was for using your service. Thank you. Amanda.

    • Eplaque dit

      If you want to transfer ownership of a French car, our fees is EUR 30 on top of the taxes we collect on behalf of the French state. Call us for a speedy processing if still needed.

  • David Mailer dit

    Please can you assist I am importing a normal road car from Uk 18 years old and I am registered citizen in France How long does the admiration/system allow me here in France to do the French mot and register the car on line. Thanks David

    • Eplaque dit

      As soon as the car arrives in France, you must go to customs to get the 846A. You'll also have to get an RTI. You can pass MOT anytime. You'll need to do those 3 things before you can register the car.

  • Ian Smith dit

    Good afternoon, I am a French resident and have purchased a campervan from Spain. I would like to register it but because of age it doesn't have a CoC, we tried using a local agent in 2021 but the process was too tricky for them. Would you be able to assist? Regards, Ian Smith.

    • Eplaque dit

      Unfortunately we only deal with registrations, not with obtaining the paperwork required for registration. In your case you might have 2 options. If the campervan is older than 30 years, you can request the status "collection" (classic vehicle) by getting an "attestation de datation et de caractéristiques" via the FFVE. This document will replace the COC. If the campervan is more recent, you need to get an individual approval (RTI).

  • Terry Belton dit

    Hello, I have been offered a 2001 Clio for 1000€. The seller says the carte gris is in the name of the company he bought it from. The CT is less than 6 month old. Will you be able to register the car for me? Thanks, Terry Belton.

    • Eplaque dit

      No. It is forbidden to sell a car when the owner mentioned on the carte grise (titulaire) does not correspond to the identity of the seller. If you buy such car, the ownership transfer request will be denied. The seller must transfer it first to his name, then sell it.

  • Bartek dit

    Hello. I have a specific problem with car registration in France. I am a Polish citizen and I live in France. I've brought my polish car with me and I would like to register it in France. In order to do that I need to obtain a document called quitus fiscal from French tax office. My problem is that the tax office requires carte grise of the seller. This document doesn't exist anymore because I registered this car before in Poland on my name, so I only have my own carte grise. What can I do in this case?

    • Eplaque dit

      It doesn't have to be the carte grise of the seller, you just need to provide them with the Polish registration certificate. We say "seller" because most of the time, the car is bought. Many foreigners come with their own car and register it, it's not an issue.

  • Miriam dit

    I am resident in France. Iwant to buy a LHD car which was registered in France. The previous owner sold it to a Belgian dealer so the carte gris and the certificat de cession was signed in UK (where the p revious owner now lives)transferring ownership to the Belgian dealer. I assume the seller in Belgium would supply a Belgian sale document. How difficult would it be to bring the car to France and register it?

    • Eplaque dit

      If you have all the invoices that allow to establish vehicle ownership history, registering the car will work out. Which means you would need the invoice issued by the previous owner to the Belgian dealer.

  • David Rowlands dit

    How much does your English service cost ?

    • Eplaque dit

      The price is the same as the ones quoted for French clients. So it ranges roughly from EUR 30 to 50, depending on what has to be done.

  • Andres Haas dit

    If purchasing from a car dealer, all this paperwork other than the carte gris would be arranged by them - yes? How do I arrange a carte gris before purchasing a car?

    • Eplaque dit

      Many dealers do the paperwork, yes. Otherwise you can submit your file to the ANTS (French only), or to a private registration service like ours.

  • Mr Jamie Simmons dit

    Hello. My name is Jamie Simmons and live in the UK. I n 2008 at the clasdic Lemans I purchased a vintage car which required a full rebuild and restoration, the car was not compleate and was not a driving vehicle. I have the history from Paris as the car was a Vanvooren bodied vehicle. I have a photo from 1929 with the two Gangloff agents present in the photo also showing the number plate, along with a sales brochure of the car clearly showing the chassis number. The cars carte gris was not present but would like to regester the car and be able to pay the import duty. How do I proceed please any help would be appreciated. Regards Mr Jamie Simmons, Banbury, Oxfordshire, OX16 2PQ. UK

    • Eplaque dit

      If the car has a registration, authorities will in principle require the carte grise in order to transfer ownership. They might accept to register it anyway since it's a very old vehicle, but you will have to prove ownership in a convincing way. Those requests are handled on a case by case basis, so we cannot predict whether it will be successful or not.

  • Geatrell Christopher dit

    Hi, I'm a French resident and I have a vehicle (classic over 30 years old) currently off road in the UK (unable to MOT it because of covid travelling restrictions) that I want to register in France. I used the car for classic rallies until 2019 and when covid set in I took the vehicle off the road. with the restrictions, it has been impossible to get back to MOT the vehicle and now I am resident in France I want to register it here and get it back on the road. How do I go about it? Thanks

    • Eplaque dit

      I guess you could arrange shipping, and MOT it in France. To register it, you'll have to get the 846A certificate (customs) + get a local Individual Approval Certificate (IAC) called RTI (with the dreal or drire). An easier path would be to register the car as a classic car so you don't have to go through the IAC hassle. To do so, you must get a specific document from the FFVE (https://www.ffve.org/), called "attestation de datation et de caractéristiques".

  • Simon Morrison dit

    Hi, I’m a UK resident with a 2nd home in France. I’d like to register a french car in my name. Is this possible?

    • Eplaque dit

      If you can provide a proof of address (utility bill, title deeds etc.), it's possible.

  • kevin nunn dit

    Hello... I have a carte gris for my initially UK registered camping car... which I obtained through eplaque. However, I have a trailer also. It is a car carrying trailer... I believe I need a carte-gris for this trailer also. I am resident in France.

    • Eplaque dit

      If your trailer has a maximum permissible weight of more than 500 kg, you must have a carte grise issued for it to be allowed to travel. If its GVW is less than 500 kg, the trailer does not need a registration document. Equipping it with a number plate identical to that of the vehicle towing it will allow it to travel on public roads.

  • Miguel Valente dos Santos dit

    Hello, I am a Portuguese citizen, but i am currently living in France (Saint-Genis-Pouilly) as i work at CERN. I want to buy a used car, is it possible to get it registered in my name? (I do not have a french card yet). Best regards, Miguel Santos

    • Eplaque dit

      Hello, You don't need a French resident card to register a car in France as far as you can provide a valid proof of address. It can be a utility bill, a real estate rental contract, etc.