How to use vehicle accident report form in France?

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Whenever a motor vehicle is implicated in an accident in France, a vehicle accident report form should be filled. This step ensures that your version of the story is recorded. It also speed up the insurance claim resolution process. What form to fill, how to fill it, when… Here is all you need to know about how to use a vehicle accident report form in France.

How to get the form?

The French vehicle accident report form is actually following the European template. Usually your insurer will provide you with a blank form together with your car insurance certificate. If you are not fluent in French, you can simply print out an English version of the accident report form to fill out the French version. As you will notice, they are identical.

When should I fill out a vehicle accident report form in France?

Every time your vehicle is damaged due to a collision with another vehicle, an animal, due to vandalism or other reasons, and you want to file a claim with the insurance company, you should fill a vehicle accident report form. If the police came on site and wrote a report, you should still do it. If you don’t, the insurance company will have to request the report to the police. It will slow down significantly the compensation process.

You have 5 days to send the report to the insurance company. The sooner being always the better, of course.

How to fill a French vehicle accident report form?

You should fill only one blank. It doesn’t matter if you provide the form, or if it’s the other party who does. The form must be filled in 2 copies if you had an accident with another vehicle, so each party can go home with a copy. When you sign, you don’t have to agree with the version of the other party. By signing you simply acknowledge that the form has been filled. It will be up to the insurance companies to assess responsibilities.

If you are from the UK, you’re probably familiar with those steps. If you are not, you can download this form in English to find your way :

In short (each number corresponding to the vehicle accident report form France box number):

  1. Date of the accident
  2. Place of the accident (country, place)
  3. Injured people (even light injury): No / Yes
  4. Property damages
  5. Witnesses
  6. Insured policyholder (as per the insurance certificate : name, address, telephone, can VAT be recovered)
  7. Vehicle (make, type, registration number or engine number)
  8. Insurance company
  9. Driver data (name, address, driving license number and group, date of validity)
  10. Impact on the vehicle, indicated by an arrow
  11. Visible damages
  12. Circumstances (put a X when relevant)
  13. Plan of the accident
  14. Remarks
  15. Signature of drivers

Tips about filling an accident report form properly

  • A road accident always generates stress. Make sure that the emotions do not make you forget data or fill out the form incorrectly. If possible, complete everything that can be filled in in advance
  • Keeping multiple forms in your car can be helpful. Let’s say you collide with several cars, several forms might be required. Also, always keep a pen in the glove compartment
  • Your insurer can provide you with advice over the phone
  • Decide with the other party who is vehicle A and who is vehicle B on the form. Who is who does not matter. Check the boxes that correspond to the situation
  • Take pictures of the accident scene, it might be very helpful
  • Witnesses should be third parties. People travelling with you or the other party cannot be used as witnesses
  • Write down all the data concerning yourself, as well as those of the other party: name, first name, address, telephone number (s), date of birth.
  • Write legibly, in capital letters, and avoid erasures. Use a pen, not a pencil. Write on a smooth, hard surface, so that your handwriting is not distorted. If the form is clearly legible, your insurer will not have to carry out an investigation to clarify certain details
  • Indicate where the car is damaged and describe the visible damages
  • Describing accurately the circumstances of the accident is crucial. Therefore, make sure this description is as precise as possible. Use the squares to respect proportions. This will allow you to better assess the distances and get a better idea of ​​the context of the accident (the width of the roadway, the location of traffic signs, etc.)
  • Do not forget to mention data such as turn signals, traffic signs, traffic lights, street names, possible obstacles… Indicate on the drawing which vehicle is A and which vehicle is B
  • The first diagram is the only one that is authentic. You are strongly advised not to change it afterwards
  • Specify the circumstances in the « My remarks » section. This is especially important if you disagree with the other party’s remarks or if you don’t understand what they mean
  • Do not make comments on your responsibility. Your only task is to describe the circumstances of the accident as precisely as possible
  • Don’t forget to complete the back of the form. This back must be completed individually by each part, but it can be done at a later stage. You can indicate important information for the administrative processing of your claim file, such as the garage where you plan to have your car repaired
  • Read the other party’s statement carefully before signing the form. Don’t be rushed or rush yourself, take your time
  • If both parties agree on how the report was completed, they sign it. Warning: make sure nothing is added afterwards
  • Each conductor keeps one copy: either the original or the duplicate


What should I do if the other party refuse to fill the vacant accident report form?

Just fill your part, send it to your insurer and notify them that the other party refused to cooperate.

Is it mandatory to use the official vehicle accident report form in France?

No. However, doing so will greatly facilitate the quick resolution of the case. It is therefore in your interest to do it, and as accurately as possible.

I don’t understand French, should I fill the form?

Yes. Simply print or use an electronic English version of the form to guide you through the different items. We have provided a link above (blue button).

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      Such information can only be disclosed by the police, if they consider the request has some grounds.

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