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  1. Car import agency in France

Car import agency in France

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import véhicule RTI ou COC

Importing a car in France, or in any country as a matter of fact, can be rather complicated. When one doesn’t speak the language well, or not at all mess, this can become mission impossible. Can we contemplate availing the services of a car import agency in France? Definitely, since there are several companies specialized in vehicles import.

What services do car import agency in France offer?

It depends on what you exactly mean by “car import agency”. Do you want the company to simply take care of the logistics part of importing a car? Do you want the agency to take care of the car registration in France, included or not IVA (individual vehicle approval)? To find a company that offers an all in one package (find the car abroad, import and register it)? The good news is anything is possible. You will find businesses that are specialized in all those tasks. So whether you want to find a rare car from the United States, the United Kingdom or Japan, or just register the car you brought with you in France, you will find a way.

Shipping a car to France

If you simply want to ship a car from abroad to France, the best is to liaise directly with a transportation company. Typing those keywords in Google will help you identify the companies offering this kind of service. It can include customs clearance (846A certificate).

Registration of an imported car

If shipping is not an issue, you might want the assistance of a car import agency in France to register your vehicle. Indeed, the procedure can be complicated. If the car doesn’t have a European certificate of conformity (e-COC), it will have to go through an individual vehicle approval procedure. On top of a visit to your DREAL or DRIRE, you might have to go through extra tests at the UTAC.

Some companies are specialized in such dealings. They will ensure compliance of your car with French standards, and go through the procedures for you. For most American cars, it will cost around € 5,000 just for the approval (homologation). If you already have the documents but you don’t know how to submit your file to the ANTS, we can help. Our agency is specialized in local and imported cars registration. Email us for info or kicking off the procedure by clicking the button below:

Car import agency in France with “all in one package”

If you are considering buying a car that can almost be found abroad only, you will want to deal with a “mandataire importation”. They will act on your behalf to import the car, register it in some cases. Some companies are specialized in certain markets (Germany, United States, Japan, etc.). Others work all around the world. You might want to specify your criteria to narrow down the list of companies that can assist you. For example, if you want to import a car from Japan.

How much will I cost?

The subject is so vast that it’s impossible to say. We have a page regarding car registration costs in France, that provides information about the price of a registration itself. You will have to add on top of this homologation fees if no COC, duties if the car comes from outside the EU, etc. Don’t hesitate to send an inquiry to a car import agency in France before taking a decision, so you have a good idea of the costs before taking any commitment.

Une question ? Nous vous répondrons dans les meilleurs délais.

  • Kadder dit

    Bonjour, Je suis Français et je vis en Allemagne depuis déjà plusieurs années. Je souhaite me réinstaller en France à partir du 1er mars 2023. J'aimerais avoir recours à vos services pour importer mon véhicule, pourriez-vous m'indiquer les démarche à suivre ? Cordialement,

    • Joachim dit

      De notre côté nous ne pouvons que traiter votre dossier une fois les pièces rassemblées. Vous trouverez la marche à suivre dans notre dossier sur l'immatriculation d'un véhicule importé. Pour un véhicule d'Allemagne, cela consiste en bref à obtenir le quitus fiscal et le certificat de conformité du véhicule.

  • Kadder dit

    Bonjour, Je suis Français et je vis en Allemagne depuis déjà plusieurs années. Je souhaite me réinstaller en France à partir du 1er mars 2023. J'aimerais avoir recours à vos services, pourriez-vous m'indiquer les démarche à suivre ? Cordialement,

    • Joachim dit

      Cet article fournit des infos sur le secteur, nous sommes un prestataire privé cartes grises. De ce fait, notre rôle se limite à traiter les dossiers, nous n'intervenons pas dans l'obtention des justificatifs comme le quitus ou le COC.

  • Subhani dit

    Can i buy car from algeria and import in to france what it will be cost ?

    • Joachim dit

      Beside transport, it will cost 30% on the value of the car in duties and VAT + individual approval costs, which are not easy to predict. During registration you'll also have to pay, on top of usual taxes, a malus ecologique that can be hefty if the car emits a lot of CO2 and is very recent.

  • Richard Dunford dit

    Bonjour, Je veux acheter une voiture d'occasion en Allemagne, la conduire chez nous en France et ensuite l'immatriculer en France. Il aura un certificat de conformité et un TÜV valide. Pourrions-nous vous employer pour gérer l'immatriculation, la carte grise et la nouvelle plaque d'immatriculation ? Si oui, de quelles informations avez-vous besoin pour fournir un devis pour ce service ?

    • Joachim dit

      Oui. Le tarif des frais de dossier pour l'immatriculation d'un véhicule importé est de 50 €. Il faudra ajouter à ce montant les taxes d'immatriculation, que nous percevons au nom du fisc français. Pour les calculer, vous pouvez utiliser cet outil très simple : https://www.eplaque.fr/carte-grise/prix-carte-grise.html

  • E Thompson dit

    Halo, Can you please contact me about registering my car in France , I have French residency

    • Joachim dit

      Sure, drop us an email at contact@eplaque.fr and we'll get back to you.

  • Al amine dit

    Hi can you please contact me

    • Joachim dit

      Sure, drop us an email at contact@eplaque.fr and we'll get back to you.

  • Yahiaoui dit

    Do you 3xport from UK ti algeria

    • Joachim dit

      We don't offer such service, sorry.

  • Mikhail dit

    Hi, I'm British living in France. I have a Swiss Legitimation Card and a French 1 year visitor visa but no French residency yet due to the short work contract with UN in Geneva. I look to purchase a used (2-5 years old) car in Germany - e.g. BMW X3, Volvo XC60, up to 30K-35K. I can find and collect the car, but I need you help to: - guide me through the process and paperwork in Germany - complete everything needed for registration in France Is it something you can help with and what will be the cost? Thanks

    • Joachim dit

      We can only assist about the car registration process, you'd have to find a car import agency to deal with the German process, sorry.

  • Kei dit

    I would like to import my BMW Z8 to Monaco, which I bought privately in the US and brought it to the UK in 2012. I already brought the car and am trying to register my car here. But the process is very complicated, especially to my case. Can you help me to do this?

    • Joachim dit

      Unfortunately no, because Monaco has its own registration system. We only operate in France.

  • Mrs Rolande Urwin dit

    I'm wanting to import my 2018 Isuzu D-MAX pick-up truck to France. Approximately how much would it cost? I believe their is a malus tax?

    • Joachim dit

      This is a complex matter. We have written an article about the cost of registering a foreign car, however it's mainly about estimates, since prices vary with the car specifics. About the malus, you will have to pay according to the 2018 rates (google "malus ecologique grille 2018"), minus 10 % per year of registration.

  • wong.william@me.com dit

    Hi, I am setting up a societe civile -registered in French register (purposed to enable me to buy a leisure vehicle in France). I would like to import a new German camper van and registration this vehicle in France and pay VAT in France. Can you help me with this registration ? And how much it will cost ? Assuming I have the EU required papers like Certificate of conformity & tax clearance certificate for registration. Can you help ?

    • Joachim dit

      Yes, we can help when you have gathered all the documents (quitus fiscal and COC). To handle the file it is EUR 50 + registration taxes collected on behalf of the French state.

  • Blair Dunlop dit

    Hello, we are looking to import a Landrover defender 1986 to France from the UK. We have an address in France. Please could we request a call back.

    • Eplaque dit

      The website moderation team does not handle customer files, please contact our agents: 01 84 80 28 27 (toll free) or contact@eplaque.fr

  • william blake dit

    I have a uk registered car in france. which I purchased in dec 2021 in the uk for £400 needing repair and brought it in to france at the end of December . I now want to register it in France. Do I contact my local customs office and declare it, and pay for the 846a? Is this a problem. If I can get the 846a, I have coc from uk. Can you then do the registration?

    • Eplaque dit

      Yes, customs for the 846A. Since the car is from the UK, you'll also need an "RTI". We can register your car once you gathered all the necessary paperwork, indeed.

  • Trevor hale dit

    Hi I'm looking to buy a 40 year classic car ie lotus,in uk to bring to france as a resident here how do I get customs clearance can I do it?do I just arrive at the French port with the car,or do I need an agent.

    • Eplaque dit

      You can go personally to any customs office as soon as the vehicle arrives in France.

  • ioannis dit

    Hi i bought a car from Paris. I want to travel it to Greece. i need temporary plates or a temporary insurance and a green card. can you offer it to me ?

    • Eplaque dit

      Is it a new or second hand car?

  • Nick Maslenkov dit

    Dear … My name is Nikolay xxx. I would like to understand the procedure of customs clearance and car registration in France. Will you be able to help me with this? • Car: Volkswagen Tiguan • VIN: xxxxxxx • Produced in Russia • Ecological class: 5 • Transmission: automatic • Fuel: 2.0 l diesel • Year of manufacture & first registration: 2020 • Milage: 37,000 km • Registration: Russia, plate number xxxxxxx About me: • I am a citizen of Bulgaria, the car belongs to me as I used to work in Russia • I will be relocating to Lille, France as of 1st of June • I will be officially employed by a company in France and will have an address registration as of June • I have an EU driving license (Bulgaria) Questions: 1. What is the procedure of customs clearance & registration in France? 2. What is the price of your services? 3. What is the cost of customs clearance? 4. How long will it take to get a French number plate? Thank you! Best regards, Nikolay

    • Eplaque dit

      You will find all the info you need in this article dedicated to imported car registration in France. We charge EUR 50 for the registration, but you'll have to do a lot of things (sometimes costly) to gather the required paperwork. You might want to sell it there and buy a French car to avoid the hassle and extra fees.

  • COMIDI Daniel dit

    Hello, I want to buy a car in Japan and ship it to europe. How much it will cost me? Best regards, Daniel Comidi

    • Eplaque dit

      According to a quick Google query, that would cost around EUR 3,000-4,000.

  • Ben Cavolick dit

    Hello, I currently live in France and will soon be buying a horse trailer in the UK that I would like to import to France. I will be picking the trailer up I would like to know of you can assist with the paperwork for importing this trailer into France?

    • Eplaque dit

      We can assist you with the registration, but not to gather all the required paperwork (846A from customs, RTI).

  • Mic Clarke dit

    Hello, I want to import an old VW camper - the vehicle doesn’t work and will never be driven. It is going to stay inside a barn just as a ‘play space’ for our children. So it will need to come over on a flat bed trailer of course.

    • Eplaque dit

      We are a car registration service, you should liaise with a transportation company to organize the transport.

  • aljazy dit

    Hello, I'd like to import my car to france from Saudi Arabia, and register the car for use when i am there on vacation and need help.

    • Eplaque dit

      We just take care of the car registration. If you are looking for a "all in one" service, Google "car import agency".

  • Brian HOYT dit

    Bonjour, J'ai une question concernant l'importation de voitures fabriquées selon les spécifications nord-américaines. Si j'importe mon véhicule en France, puis-je utiliser une petite plaque d'immatriculation au format moto (210x130 mm) sur le pare-chocs arrière ? Une plaque d'immatriculation européenne normale de 520 x 100 mm ne conviendra pas et la plaque alternative (275 x 200 mm) s'étendra sous le bord inférieur du support de montage. Merci.

    • Eplaque dit

      Le format moto est réservé aux deux-roues, vous êtes obligé d'utiliser l'un des 2 autres formats que vous avez cités.