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How does a Denmark car license plate look like? How to read it? And how to register a Danish car in France? What are the codes on Denmark number plates? How can I check a Danish number? Follow this complete Eplaque guide, a leading online car registration platform in France, about Denmark license plates.

Denmark number plate: how does it look like

A standard Danish license plate has a white background with a combination of black letters and numbers. The edge of the plate is circled in red. The format of a Denmark number plate consists of 2 letters and 5 digits. For example, the format might look like this:

source : wikipedia

Since 2009, the owner can choose whether the Danish car plate displays the blue euro strip or not. As on most European cars, this strip is blue, displays the EU stars above and the country code below (like the picture above). For Denmark, the plate country code is “DK”. As a reminder, “D” number plate code is for Germany.

How to read a Danish number plate?

Nowadays it is hard to read a car number plate from Denmark. Until 2012, there was a meaning, but since then it is totally random (sequential). However, since it’s impossible to distinguish a pre and post 2012 Denmark license plate, we can never know how to read it.

Before 2012, the 5-digit number was pointing to a specific vehicle type. For example, any vehicle registered with a number between 10000 and 18999 was a motorcycle. Cars were identified with a number between 20000 and 59999 when they had a standard format license plate, 60000 to 75999 if they had the square model (for SUV, for example). Here is the full table to read pre 2012 Denmark number plates:

Denmark license plate codes (before 2012)

Number serial rangeVehicle typeHighest serial lettersHighest serial letters without EU stripe
001 – 699Large mopeds (max 45 km/h)RV 
700 – 999TractorsVUDF
1000 – 2999TrailersYMEF
5500 – 9999Trailers and semi-trailersPZHF
5 500 – 9 999Small mopedsXY 
10 000 – 18 999MotorcyclesHTAW
19 000 – 19 499TractorsMLEG
20 000 – 59 999Common cars (rectangular format)FCJF
60 000 – 75 999Common cars (square format)DTAF
76 000 – 76 999Diplomatic vehiclesAXAF
77 000 – 77 999Diplomatic vehicles (international organizations)ANAF
78 000 – 87 999Trucks, buses, vans (rectangular format)DH, privat: GAAF, privat: FA
88 000 – 97 999Trucks, buses, vans (square format)XS, privat: GEDG, privat: FK
98 000 – 99 699Taxis and limousines (rectangular format)JHBF
99 700 – 99 999Taxis and limousines (square format)BNAW

How to read Danish license plate from 2012 onwards?

Since 2012, Denmark number plates format has no particular meaning. The old system with its numbering segregated by vehicle type was scrapped because it limited the number of available combinations. There are, however, 2 exceptions:

  1. Danish diplomatic license plates: they still use a number ranging from 76000 to 76999. International organization use the range 77000 to 77999
  2. Taxis and limos: their number goes from 98000 to 99699 (rectangular plate) or 99700 to 99999 (square plate)

In other words, only plates with a number starting with 76, 77, 98 or 99 have a meaning. Others are sequentially assigned during registration. The DK plate color can however give some clues, as we are going to find out below.

Denmark license plate check: how to do it?

There is an interesting tool to lookup a Denmark license plate:

This Danish number plate checker won’t show the identity of the owner, but quite some info about the vehicle and its status. For example:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Engine
  • VIN
  • Date of registration
  • Color
  • Whether the mileage seems legit
  • Whether a loan is ongoing (lien)
  • Danish MOT validity and history
  • Whether the tax has been paid
  • Insurance status

You should look up the Danish license plate with this tool before importing such car!

Personalized Denmark license plates

personalised license plate from Denmark

For a fee of 9,180 + 200 krones (around € 1,250), Danish drivers can secure a personalized number plate. The choice of the “number” is totally free, excepting combinations that include offending or political meanings. To compose a Danish private number plate, digits, Latin alphabet letters + Æ, Ø and Å can be used. A Danish personalized number plate must be renewed every 8 years for a fee of 8,000 Danish krones (around € 1,075).

When ordering such Denmark vanity plate, its future owner can request plates with euro strip or without it.

Special Denmark number plates

Beside the standard black on white with red contour Danish car license plate, there are special number plates.

Yellow Denmark license plate: commercial use

Yellow Denmark license plate for commercial use

Those yellow Danish plates are for commercial use only. Eligible vehicles have 2 or 3 seats, therefore no rear seats. This yellow number plate corresponds in France to deriv-VP vehicles belonging to a company.

Yellow and white Danish car plates, or “parrot plates”

Those yellow/white Danish number plates are for commercial vehicles with 2 or 3 seats, therefore no rear seats, but used by individuals. It is therefore the equivalent of the yellow plate for private owners.

Blue license plates in Denmark

diplomatic car license plate Denmark

You can see blue license plates mostly in Copenhagen. In Denmark, a blue number plate is diplomatic. After the 2 letters, the number always starts with 76 and 77, as explained above.

Black Denmark license plate

There are 3 types of black number plates in Denmark:

  1. Vintage car: as in France, a Danish historical car has a black license plate that identifies it
  2. Danish Armed Forces plates: the Danish army also uses black number plates. They can be differentiated easily, because each DK army branch logo is displayed on the plate at the beginning (Navy, Air Force, Army). Moreover, the plate has only 5 numbers, separated after 2 digits by a dot.
  3. Royal car plates: a crown and 3 numbers are assigned to the official cars of the Queen of Denmark

Red characters Danish plates

Those Danish plates are fixed temporary plates used by automotive professionals (garages, manufacturers, shop owners…) to move unregistered cars. It is the equivalent of a W number plate in France. However, red license plates in France are related to our next topic: in transit plates.

Danish temporary export plates

In Denmark, temporary export plates look like a standard number plate, but with a small 2-digits number in a red rectangle replacing the letters. That number reveals the year of validity, eg in 2023 the plate will display “23” in the red rectangle.

White Denmark plates with a big symbol in the middle

Those beautiful Danish car number plates belong to emergency services such as ambulances and fire trucks.

What do I need to get French number plates for a car from Denmark?

Denmark being part of the EU, Danish cars can be imported in France without going through customs. However, VAT might be due. A European certificate of conformity (e-COC) will be necessary to register any Danish vehicle in France. If one cannot get that document, an individual approval (RTI) will be mandatory.

Importing a Danish car in France: tax and customs formality

Importing a vehicle between EU Member States is not subject to any customs formalities (no need of a 846A certificate). This is true whether the vehicle is new or used. However, when importing a vehicle with Danish license plates into France, VAT (20%) might have to be paid. It’s automatic for new cars, but in that case you shouldn’t pay VAT in Denmark. For second-hand car, 20% VAT might be due if:

  • The vehicle it is less than 6 months old AND has a mileage under 6,000 km

Therefore, from a fiscal point of view a vehicle is considered as used (so VAT exempt) if it is more than 6 months old AND has already traveled more than 6,000 km.

Go to your French business taxation office (bureau des impôts des entreprises) to get the “quitus fiscal”. That document certifies that no VAT is due anymore for this vehicle. You’ll have to fill a form and provide them with:

  • An ID
  • Proof of address
  • The purchase invoice or any proof of ownership of the vehicle
  • The Danish car registration certificate

If the car is not new or not considered as such (6000 km/6 months), the quitus fiscal will be issued free of charge. Otherwise it will be given once you pay the VAT.

European certificate of conformity

An e-COC has also to be included in your imported car registration request. It comes automatically with the documents of the car when you buy it new. If second hand, the seller might still have it, and hand it over to you. If not, you’ll have to ask a copy to the car manufacturer. It will cost from € 200 to € 400 in average, depending on the brand’s pricing policy.

Technical inspection (MOT): French or Danish?

Your new vehicle must have a technical inspection report made no more than 6 months before the registration. It can be Danish or French MOT, it doesn’t matter.

How to register in France a car with Denmark number plates?

The registration of your imported vehicle in France can take place once you have a valid MOT, your “quitus fiscal” and the COC. Eplaque is approved to handle such requests. We can assist you in Engligh. Full required paperwork includes:

  • An ID
  • Proof of address
  • Driving license copy
  • Quitus fiscal (tax clearance)
  • The Danish car registration certificate
  • Certificate of conformity (e-COC)
  • A proof of insurance (or a declaration stating that you swear that you will insure the vehicle once registered)
  • A car registration application form dully filled

Apply for a temporary WW plate

Your imported Danish vehicle will be able to circulate freely in France for 4 months with a WW temporary plate. The same paperwork is required as above, except the COC. It is highly recommended to ask for WW registration just before the permanent registration, because the latter can take some time. As a reminder, you cannot drive with your Denmark license plates more than a month.

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